Sometimes You Have To Believe What You Feel And Not What You See

This is Digby Pancake. Has anyone ever told you how you should feel?

Maybe someone has told you you should be happy when you’re not.

Maybe someone has told you to feel grateful when you’re not feeling it.

Maybe someone has told you to be stronger when you’re feeling weak.

It’s funny how different we all are.

As we were passing through the desert this last week, we thought about how many persons and animals like the desert when we like the ocean.

As we were passing through the cold night of Arizona, we thought how many persons and animals look for harsh cold when we like the sun.

Sometimes we may begin to question if what we like or what we feel is right. Or important.

When others tell us we should feel another way, sometimes we may wonder if we really know ourselves. Do we know ourselves and pay attention to how we feel? Don’t try to be like others. Sometimes we have to believe what we feel and not what we see others doing. Or liking. Or telling us what to do. Or like. Don’t be less sad. Be happy where you want to be.

It takes us all to make the earth beautiful. We have an opportunity to take care of it in the places that inspire us to make the effort. Where is your place?

We are so happy to be in this California place. It’s been a little while. Looking up at the mountains and feeling the sunshiney is making our hearts sing. And that’s what we feel. We are listening to our hearts and it’s a good song.

Digby Pancake

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