The Little Houses In The Woods

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. You never know what you are going to find some days. I guess that’s why Digby likes to keep his nose to the ground all of time.

But sometimes, you may be looking for one thing and find another. Like when we were walking in the woods yesterday. Girl Person was looking for mushrooms and berries and admiring the pretty leaves. But instead of those things, she found something else. A little house.

Now, I’ve heard about tiny living.

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But this is taking it to a new level. Girl Person gasped with delight as she found a little house with a door. And she wondered how it got there. Who had built this little house in the woods?

As she bent down to take a picture and admire it, she gasped again! There was another little house!

And then another!

Yes. There was a whole community of little houses in the woods. This wasn’t something you see every day. But the person who put them here is not an every day person.

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An every day person doesn’t have time to build little houses or put them in the woods. An every day person builds big houses. Doesn’t usually have time to go walk in the woods. And an every day person may not even look down and find something magical right under them. They have no imagination.

Don’t be an every day person. Do something magical every day!

Maybe give someone a surprise.

Maybe wear a glittery mask.

Maybe dance a dance as you’re walking thru a parking lot.

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Be someone’s little house in the woods. Remind others to stop and see the magic.Remind others they have an opportunity to bring magic to someone else’s day.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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