This is Peanut Butter Brickle. What do you dream of? When you’re awake?

Yes. You heard me. When you’re awake. Everyone knows we sleep and dream. But many don’t think about what occupies their thoughts while they are awake.

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You may think that you’re working. You may think that you’re getting all sort of things accomplished. But what are the thoughts in the back of your mind?

Do you have thoughts of being somewhere else? Do you dream of something else?

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For some of us, those dreams never leave us. We may go to many places.

Meet many other individuals. We will try and push aside what we want. But the dreams are always there. Aren’t they?

When we were walking yesterday. Girl Person got to talking. She told me and Digby that her some of her dreams had changed over the years. She had always wanted a family. And it took her a long time to realize that dream had happened. Just in a different way. She was truly happy, she told us.

You see, dreams are what make us who we are. We all have to have something to live for.

To push those dreams aside is like not breathing. We have to let ourselves live.

To be honest with ourselves.

That if our dreams haven’t come true that we wanted when we were younger, can we make them come true in a different way?

At the end of a day, it matters if we’ve lived a good one. Don’t wait til you’re asleep to dream. Dream out loud in the daylight.

Say what you want to yourself. And make it happen.

Only you can do that. Because no one else knows your dreams.

We will be here for another week! We are making changes, but it’s taking some time and some work. Stay tuned…

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