Come Into The Room

This is Peanut Butter Brickle.  When was the last time that you wanted to go somewhere?  Yes.  We are all a little stir crazy right now.  

And being alone can take a toll on our happiness and our mood.  Yes.  Even we have not been able to travel as much as we like to lately.  But Girl Person told us on our walk yesterday that many of us can still travel somewhere.  Many of us can come into the room.  The room we left a long time ago.  The room that we think of a lot.  The room that we are afraid to enter. What room did you leave?

As I tried to get in a locked door at the park yesterday, Girl Person said she did not have a key, so we couldn’t go in.  

But she said not all doors are like that. Many are still open to rooms that we left, but we are afraid to go in.

Maybe you left a room that was filled with friends or family.  You had disagreements. You could not make compromises.  But you miss them.

You want to go back to that room and talk again.  Or maybe you just want to agree to disagree. That door is still open.

Maybe you left a room of disappointment.  You didn’t get that job you wanted.  You thought that you lost out on any chance of being a success.  It was too hard to stay in that room, so you left.  But that door is still open.  

Maybe you left a room because you could not stand to be alone with yourself.  You see your faults.  Your shortcomings.  You don’t have much confidence in yourself.  But more than any door, that door is still open.  

Because your inner self is always willing to accept another chance.  That door is still open.

Many times, walking back into a room that we shut the door on seems impossible.  But don’t wait until you’re at that door and it is locked for good without a key.   If you have a chance to come back into the room, come back in.  

-Peanut Butter Brickle

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