Turkey Tails?

This is Digby Pancake. Oh, the things that our persons get into. They say I’m always getting into something. Like mud. Or rolling in something stinky.

But, unlike them, I’ve never got into turkey tails. I’ve never looked for turkey tails. No one can call me a turkey.

When I go for a walk, I’m looking for something to eat. Hello?! What else are you supposed to do? Dance?

And all of these years, the persons just have not understood the need to find delectable goodies. Now all of a sudden, they are looking for something to eat or use in the woods.

If they would have listened to me years ago, they wouldn’t have missed out.

The persons may be something called vegan where they don’t eat other individuals or things from those individuals.

So I was confused at first why they were looking for turkey tails. Turkey tails? But they explained it wasn’t what I thought.

They are looking for some type of fungus that looks like a turkey tail.

Well, the only type of fungus I want to eat is anything that is shaped like a pancake. Or an old pancake. An old fashioned pancake. Any pancake.

I got to wondering like I always do. How many things are out there to eat or use that we don’t know about?

What else are we missing out on?

There are so many things that can help us feel better. Like the turkey tail mushroom.

But many times, life is so busy that we don’t take the time to learn. Don’t we deserve to take the time so that we have more time to be around?

It took even our persons over four years traveling to find this new hobby of theirs called foraging. But I say it’s never too late to look for the good all around you.

It’s never to late to learn.

You may take a day like our persons to learn all you can about turkey tails. And well. I guess some would find that to be wasted time.

But is shuffling papers or tapping on our phone any more important?

The most important thing for us all is to stay healthy. Make that a priority. Not an afterthought.

-Digby 🦃 Pancake

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