The Hickory Nuts

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. We are in Rocky Face, Georgia this week and next week.

Oh, what a relaxing time it has been so far. Kind of.

You see, the spot where Digby Pancake and I picked out to sit and call our own seems to be giving us a headache and a Rocky face.

Guess I know why they call it that here. There seems to be hickory nuts falling on us all day long.

Hickory nuts falling on our face and butts while we trying to rest was not something I thought we would have to deal with.

But as usual, life and the camping life seems to throw us curveballs. Or hickory nuts.

Hickory nuts were not something we knew about.

Yes. They may seem common to some. But all of us are from different spots on the earth with different things to learn about.

And we are learning about the hickory nuts.

Apparently, hickory nuts have a pretty hard shell. They actually have two shells. One on the outside and one on the inside. But once you get to the nut itself, it is flavorful. Rich. Delicious. Who knew?! Maybe you did.

There are so many nuts in the world it makes my head spin.

I wonder why the most delicious things in life are hard to crack? It takes a lot of work to get to the best things in life. But isn’t part of the beauty the work that goes along with it? That feeling you get when you’ve worked so hard to find it?

Just like me and the hickory nut, your shell may be tough to crack.

But have you really tried? It’s time to get honest.

We may have been born with certain abilities. Some things may be easier for us to accomplish than others. But as we get older, do you find that you want to be better at something else?

Maybe you’ve always wanted to paint.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to sing.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to play the harp. I don’t know.

But have you decided you would never be good at those things without even trying?

Like the hickory nut, you have to work and crack your shell to find out your true abilities.

Those things you haven’t tried yet, but have always wanted to. Will the work be worth it?

Make it delicious.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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