I Can See Clearly Now

This is Digby Pancake. What do you plan to look at today?

For many of us, what we see every day is the same. Work. Computers. Phones.

But for others, they don’t see at all. Because of work. Computers. Phones. They are focused on what they have to do. What they need to accomplish. And then feel guilty about all of the things that that they don’t.

For us, our views may always change. Our scenery may always change. But our persons’ guilt doesn’t. They think of decisions they should have made. Wonder if they are making the right ones now. And they get so caught up in trying to accomplish it all that they truly can’t see anything ahead of them. Sometimes, not even our beautiful views.

It’s hard to admit that. Hard to admit that what you tell others to do are things you need to work on yourself.

Sometimes, we all get so tired and get used to being tired that we think it’s normal.

Well, when Girl Person took a hot, clean shower at the barn we are parked at this week, all of a sudden, she said she felt months of tiredness washing off.

She was a bit emotional. Emotional that she had ignored how tired she was. And she had to force herself this week to slow down. To think. And not just do.

We may always be busy. But do we know why we are busy? Are we trying to ignore decisions we need to make? Are we ignoring that we need to take care of ourselves? Are we not seeing the true path we are taking? The hardest conversations are ones with ourselves. It’s ok to have regrets. But we have to learn from them and keep going.

For us, we are starting to see a little bit more clearly as we just sit. Rest. Think.

What will we end up seeing? Sometimes that’s the scary part. But it can also be a beautiful part.

If you’ve been blind to what you need to do, you may realize it when you have no way to turn around. So look at your directions now. And make a turn if you need to.

Digby Pancake

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