Too Close For Comfort

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. How much space do you need to be comfortable?

I require a lot of space.

Kind of like Girl Person. She calls herself a camping introvert of sorts. She loves the outdoors and she loves people like me. But the people need to be loved from far away in order for her to be comfortable.

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Digby Pancake doesn’t require as much space as I do. He seems to like to share his space. But when we are camping, we both like our own space in our own campsite. Especially so he can bark at dinner time in peace while he is disturbing the peace.

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But the persons made a bit of an error when they booked our campsite here at this state park. They knew we could fit in our space. But we didn’t know how tight of a space it would be. We also didn’t pay attention to the fact we had to share a common area in back. And you know how I feel about my picnic table. Even Digby isn’t having it.

So we did what any camper would do. We freaked out. We questioned why we were camping in the first place.

We questioned what we were doing with our lives. We questioned if we could take being this close with no room for two weeks.

Girl Person said life is too short for thinking. Sometimes you just had to do. And we know our comfort level. And this is too close.

We all need our own space, don’t we? Even in this hectic world, if we don’t have our own space, we may feel like we are blending in with everyone else. To be our true selves means we acknowledge our comfort levels and make adjustments. It’s kind of like if Digby wore pants, but he does not, he would definitely have to make button adjustments after he ate all his pancakes.

So in this instance, we are going to stay here at this crazy campsite until Monday when we found another place we could go to. Its disappointing we can’t stay as long.

But longer time doesn’t always make for a better time. Use your time wisely. And make sure to book a proper campsite.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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