Bacon Or Brussel Sprouts?

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. What do you like to wake up to? A good view? The smell of your mud in a cup?

Some campers like to wake up and start cooking their bacon outside. In fact, many campers do.

And when you have your windows open, you wake up to that smell. Whether you want to or not. Digby and I certainly aren’t complaining.

But Girl Person and Boy Person don’t like it as much. They only eat vegetables cooked about a million and five different ways.

So when they wake up and smell bacon coming in our windows, they aren’t as happy. They don’t get as hungry as we do.

So Girl Person had an idea. She said that she was going to start waking up and she would cook our breakfast outside too so that everyone could smell it!

And the only vegetable she could think of that would smell as strong as bacon? Brussel sprouts. Oh yeah. I’m up for this experiment.

To our persons, the smell of Brussel sprouts on a campfire is better than bacon. And they want everyone to smell it. As much as they smell the bacon.

Now. To me and Digby who are not vegan individuals? Well, we can’t say we agree with their culinary views.

But I do agree that it’s ok to disagree. And I think maybe persons shouldn’t try to make their opinions smell so strong that they come uninvited thru others’ windows. You make what decision is right for you. And have the right reasons behind that decision.

Brussel sprouts or bacon? You may feel strongly about your preference. The persons weren’t always Brussel sprout enthusiasts.

But the more time we were in nature and with nature and with animals, they changed.

But as much as they’ve changed, they realize that others have a right to do what they do. They also can shut their windows if it makes them queasy. And not make them feel bad about their bacon. So live your delicious life in a way you believe is right. But don’t go stinkin it up for others.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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