We Are Taking Off!

This is Digby Pancake. Yes. We are back on the road today. We are headed to a park we did not plan on going to, but our reservations kinda got messed up. Not as messy as me though. But it’s a nice state park here in this Georgia place. And we are off!

Girl Person said that this morning. “Oh yeah! We are taking off!”, and I thought she was a bit more crazier than usual. Was our RV now going to fly?

I heard it. The sounds of an engine starting up. Girl Person was preparing for takeoff.

And yes. It did sound like a plane. So I was quite confused. Brickle was too. And he was already getting his mean face on. Or maybe he already had it on. Or maybe he always has it on. I don’t know.

But when I looked outside our window, we still weren’t going anywhere. We actually hadn’t even started packing up yet. And I looked in the kitchen. Which is also the living room and the bedroom and the everything. Girl Person was talking to the oven.

Yes. She was talking to the oven. “Alright, baby! There ya go! We are taking off!”

I looked at Brickle. He had no answer. I looked at Boy Person. He had an answer, alright. He agreed with me. Crazy.

Girl Person explained that the oven hadn’t worked in a few weeks. Unless it wanted to. One day it would work. One day it would not. But you always knew if you heard the loud sound of the engine, you were in business.

Now, I can only imagine whoever is starting that engine in there is tired of us cooking so much. I eat a lot of biscuits and such.

And we’ve been in this Big Blue Treat Wagon RV for quite awhile now. We’ve made everything work so hard that it’s almost reached its limit. Everything, that is.

Sometimes, it seems like everything breaks. Because everything breaks. You can have something new and it breaks or something old and it breaks. So the best advice I can give is enjoy it while you can. Because when it breaks, you’ll realize how much you used it.

Never take for granted the things you have. Yes. Especially the simple things. Not everyone has what they need. Not everyone can get what they need.

We appreciate the things that work on the days that they do work. And now on the days they don’t work? We’ve stopped stressing.

We’ve stopped worrying so much. Because if there is one thing the last few months have taught us, it’s that things can change in an instant.

And so since our oven might not work tomorrow, maybe we should pick up some supplies when we drive today.

Just a suggestion.

Digby Pancake

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