The Pretty Colors

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. Have you looked around today? No. I mean, really. What did you see?

Girl Person says that sometimes she is driving and she is so used to it that she somehow forgets how she got to a place. She can’t remember the traffic lights or scenery. But somehow, she got there. Because she was just going thru the motions. Not taking much notice of anything around her.

I thought about that when we were walking thru the woods today.

Even though we aren’t ever in one place very long, it’s easy for Digby Pancake and I to become bored. We prefer not even going down the same trail twice.

Because usually, I think, once you’ve been there once, you’ve seen it all. But I corrected myself today. For once, I took notice. I took notice of the many colors. You may have heard that dogs don’t see colors. You’ve heard wrong.

Because although we may not see the shades of color you see, I’d like to keep it that way. I think we appreciate all the many pretty colors more.

There are the pretty colors in the sky. Even when it’s raining.

There are the pretty colors of different mushrooms in the woods.

There are the pretty colors of the trees and the ground.

There are the pretty colors of me and Digby.

I may have looked at them on our first hike here. But I noticed them on our second. I took note of them. I appreciated them.

You see, persons say they can see color better than us dogs. And while that may be technically true, they also don’t appreciate beauty as much as dogs. Not with nature. Not with other people. That makes me sad.

Colors are beautiful, diverse, unending. No one person looks the same as another.

And just because they may not look like you or be your color doesn’t mean they aren’t valuable. You see, someone who is different in color is looking at you too. Don’t you want them to appreciate your beauty and value?

Underneath our appearances are our hearts. And based on how we view and treat others, our hearts can also be beautiful. But our hearts can become hard too. Our hearts can become molded by things we have been taught over many years. And sometimes it takes work and honesty to reach our own hearts to change.

But once we realize that the pretty colors in our world and in individuals contribute to this beautiful painting of the world we live in, we will take notice more.

We will take care of our hearts and consider others’ hearts too.

So don’t just look today. Take notice. Appreciate what and who are around us with all their beautiful, pretty colors.

Peanut Butter Brickle

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One thought on “The Pretty Colors

  1. LouAnn hughes

    A great reminder of how we should live. There would be more harmony if I listened to my fur babies more and just stopped to look at the beauty in all of us!!!! Thank you boys for the wisdom!!!!

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