The Giant Tree Of Sunflowers

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. If anyone knows sunshiney, it’s me.

If anyone knows how to be happy, it’s me.

If anyone can make others happy, it’s me. I’ve been doing that for many years now.

It’s nice to see others happy, and what makes them happy. Sometimes, it takes a lot to make someone happy. It takes a big house, or a pretty car.

But sometimes, very rarely, something that you don’t expect causes you to stop in your tracks and smile.

Something causes you to remember what happy feels like. And you can’t help but love living right then. Right now.

Meet the giant tree of sunflowers at the farm.

Yes, yes. It may not be a tree in the true sense of the word or definition. But its tall. It has branches…kinda. And it is beautiful.

The sunflower tree was special to us here at the farm. One day, it wasn’t there. Sure, there were many other sunflowers growing.

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And then, all of a sudden, when all of the sunflowers were at their peak of individual beauty, the sunflower tree started growing. Faster and faster.

It had a stronger stalk than the other sunflowers. And it kept growing and growing and growing. Until one day, the branches came out. And every single branch had a sunflower!

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You see, this wasn’t going to be one giant sunflower.

This was going to be a giant tree of sunflowers.

Now…some may not have been as excited as we were to see this tree growing. Because maybe they wanted just one giant sunflower.

After all, that would have been something to see. But the tree had other plans. You see, the tree knew that it was growing more slowly than the other sunflowers.

It knew that its flowers wouldn’t be as big. But there would be more flowers. A stronger tree. A taller tree. And it would last longer than the other individual flowers.

So one day, the tree of sunflowers decided to bloom. And oh, what a sight it was. So many flowers. So much sunshiney. It was like a beautiful orchestra playing at the same time.

So many people came to the farm from far and wide to see the tree of sunflowers. They drove many miles in the rain. They braved the hot sun. They wanted to see the tree of sunflowers. Word spread around!

And when all of the other sunflowers were fading away, the tree of sunflowers remained standing.

Do we appreciate the beauty of shining in a group or do we have to have the spotlight all to ourselves? Are we more beautiful in fact when we grow tall together? We are indeed.

Bring kindness and positivity to the ones around you and see how tall you can grow together!

Deputy Digby Pancake

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