Hit The Road, Jack

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Oh, what a time we have had on the farm.  

We didn’t expect to be here this long.  

But to say that we are thankful for our time here is an understatement.  Kind of like the way it is understated how handsome I am.  So I will state it.

The hardest part about leaving today is not the hours we have ahead of us.  The hardest part isn’t worrying if the Big Blue Treat Wagon RV will break down.  It is the ones we wish that we could take with us.  Like the goats.

Like the cats.

Like the bison.

Especially Jack the Kangaroo.

So Girl Person said that we have done this many times before. We have left places that we love and people and animals that we love.  We say goodbye.  Sometimes we see them again.  Sometimes we don’t.  We just never know.  

Because the last few months have taught us that life can be more than unpredictable.

So we had an idea.  Since a nice person dropped off some stuffed animals for us, and many kangaroos, me and Digby picked out our favorite one.  And Girl Person said we would get Jack to put his smell on it.  And that way, when we leave and hit the road tomorrow, we will take a little part of Jack with us.  Although he is already in our hearts.

I surprise myself sometimes.  I didn’t know that I needed a friend like Jack.

In fact, this was my first time meeting a kangaroo.  Can you imagine all of the individuals out there who could be our friends, but we just haven’t met them yet?

When I first saw Jack, I didn’t know what a kangaroo was.

I didn’t know what kangaroos liked to eat, or anything about them.

I didn’t know that a kangaroo would want to be my friend.  But we were.  And we are. And I will never forget what he taught me.

Friendships can be built in the roughest of circumstances.

The persons were stressed the last few months, but Jack didn’t know about a virus.  And so the way we acted helped the persons see that beautiful things can be born out of the most tragic of circumstances.  It is funny how life reminds us that it is bigger than us, and that the world doesn’t stop for anyone.  We have to hold on to the important things. Like friendship which can help us get through tough times.

Jack may not be able to drive in the Big Blue Treat Wagon RV with us to that Georgia place.  But I have a feeling we will see him again.  I have a feeling we will see him waiting with his head through the fence to get the first glimpse of us in the morning.

I have a feeling that we will bring him some more grass in the evening time for him to munch on.

I have a feeling that our friendship will be one where it will feel like no time has passed when we see each other again.

So let’s hit the road, Jack.

We will send you some postcards.  We will try to even call maybe.  And instead of being sad, let’s be glad that our friendship grew in a time of uncertainty.  But I will always be certain you will be forever one of our best friends.

We hit the road today to Oleno State Park near High Springs, Florida, on our way to Georgia next week.  Stay tuned to our Facebook page for real time updates today.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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