Why Can’t We Be Friends?

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. There are rules in life. Rules you have to follow. Rules you have to enforce. At least, I do.

So when I saw someone loitering at the farm, I knew I had to write a ticket.

Loitering. Deputy Digby does it a lot. In fact, I don’t really know if he does anything else.

I think that there should always be a purpose in your activities. Which is why I’m the Sheriff. And which is why it’s my job to enforce the rules.

Why was this loiterer a problem?

Our friend the bison has been pretty lonely lately. Even though the water buffalos were not being nice to him and he needed to take a break in his own field, I am sure he still misses his friends.

Which is why is he trying to make friends with the loiterer. I guess he must think it’s a bulldozer.

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Yes. Day and night. Night and day. He tries to win the heart of the stuck lawnmower.

I tried to tell him that it’s a lawnmower. But when you don’t know what a lawnmower is, to say that it’s not something doesn’t particularly matter much. So to him, it’s a bulldozer.

So he keeps on staring. Trying to play. Trying to be the most entertaining bison he can be to win the heart of the mower.

But nothing is working. Nothin. The mower just keeps being stuck. Stuck in its own misery of broken down dreams.

Have you ever felt like that? Others try to be nice to you. But you’re depressed. Down. And you don’t have the energy to be nice back. You feel stuck. That no one would even or should even want to be your friend. But you’re wrong.

We all have value. Worth. Even when we feel stuck. Sometimes it takes ourselves to realize we can get out of the situation we are in by letting someone else’s love in. You may think you’re a lawnmower. But maybe someone else thinks that you’re a bulldozer.

The bison and the lawnmower may not understand why they can’t meet in person right how. A fence separates them. But I can only imagine that their friendship can still grow. Even with distance. Let love in. See your value when someone tries to love you. Even if you’re broken down.

Will I still be issuing a ticket to this loiterer? Even a Sheriff can have a soft heart sometimes. And yes. The bison might arrest me if I do. So loiterer lawnmower? Move along when you can. Take your time. And enjoy your time as a bulldozer.

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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