The Lesson Of The Lima Bean

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. There’s many things I know about. More that I know about than I don’t know about. Actually.

But when a new bean popped up at the produce market this week, I didn’t even recognize it. Nope. Sure didn’t. Can you imagine it? I don’t know it all. After all.

There was a pile of beans, but no sign. So Girl Person wondered what they were. The farm had just picked them from the field.

So we came back later that day. Girl Person was all excited. Over beans. Doesn’t take much.

So later that day, she went back to the produce stand and now there was a sign. The beans were lima beans!

Like I knew what those were. I did not.So obviously, I got a lesson on them. Whether I wanted to or not.

Girl Person told me that lima beans, well, weren’t her favorite as a kid.

In fact, she said not to tell Gandma, but she vowed to herself she would never eat something called succotash again when she moved out. And she never. Ever. Did.

So I was surprised that if she disliked these beans so much, why in the world was she jumping up and down to buy them?

Girl Person said that since she was older, maybe she would like them now.

She said maybe, because they were fresh and not in a can, she would like them now.

And I thought, maybe she won’t. Yes. I was ready to arrest those lima beans. I was ready. I didn’t have the highest of hopes. At least she bought other stuff from the produce stand if this didn’t work out.

But this was an experience to reopen a conversation, Girl Person said. I didn’t know you should talk to beans.

She said that in life, sometimes you have to reevaluate how you think of others and how you treat them. She said not liking a lima bean forever wasn’t fair. She said judging all lima beans by one recipe wasn’t fair. She said she owed it to the lima beans to give them another chance. Maybe they had changed. But maybe she had changed.

As Boy Person shelled the lima beans, she looked up recipes.

And found out that you could even make a dessert with them.

Yes. This was maybe the start of a new friendship.

She cooked up those lima beans and had a talk with them.

She said that after all this time, it was a fact. These lima beans were delicious. And she could have missed out if she had judged them by the past.

Isn’t it like that with ones we know? Maybe we’ve had a disagreement in the past that left a bad taste in our mouth. But people can change. And maybe we have too. Maybe it’s time to look up a recipe and make an effort again.

You may not know what you’re missing. Remember, you reap what you sow.

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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