The Rock In The Shoe

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. How much in life do I take seriously? Not much, unless dinner is late. That I take very serious. But other than that? I’m a happy go pancake kind of guy.

Persons take way too many things seriously. Unless you’re Girl Person. She’s always running around like crazy, forgetting about half the things she is supposed to do. And in the process, forgetting the other half as well. Concentration is not her strong point. Either are details. We are alike in that way.
Enter To Win!

Girl Person just does. Boy Person thinks about doing something, thinks some more, analyzes all aspects of it, and then maybe, perhaps, does that something eventually. Maybe.He thinks about it. Again.

Girl Person says she wishes she could be more tuned in to detail. She said she wishes that her brain wasn’t going a million different directions at once.

She wishes that when she felt a rock in her shoe in the morning that she could have paused to maybe take it out before dinner.

Yes. Yes. In the morning, she was worried. She had to work. But she also needed to get some supplies. She had to prepare for battle, she said. Mask. Gloves. Remembering which way to go down the aisles at the grocery store. And she was preoccupied with the task at hand.

So much so, that when she put on her shoes, she felt a rock in there. But she knew all she had to do. And nope. There was no time for that. No time to get that rock out. I mean, it would have taken like a minute to take off her shoe and get the rock out. No one had a minute to spare. Nope. Not even Girl Person.

So off she went. Off to battle with a rock in her shoe. She went in the store. Rock on her shoe. She went the wrong way down the wine aisle with a rock in her shoe. She drove with a rock in her shoe. She unloaded the groceries with a rock in her shoe. She sanitized the groceries with a rock in her shoe. And she was getting real tired of that rock in her shoe. But still not tired enough to take it out.

As she finally took off her shoes at the end of the day, there was that rock. It had certainly felt much bigger than what it was. Because it was there all day! Girl Person wondered why she couldn’t just stop. Pause. Take the rock out instead of carrying it with her all day. And I suppose that she learned her lesson. Or did she? Girl Person may have thought that she was saving time by keeping the rock in her shoe and not dealing with it then. But it slowed her down all day. Weighed her down. What she didn’t want to deal with at the beginning became a bigger burden than it had to. And isn’t that like problems or situations we choose to carry with us instead of dealing with it to start? There are many things that can cause us to feel weighed down. Maybe it’s disagreements that linger with family or friends. It becomes easier to just sweep it under the rug.

Maybe it’s what we choose to fill our minds and hearts with. Like bad news. Or fear. Or dread. Or panic. And we keep carrying more and more and more. Instead of letting some of it go. Let it go.

We all have a lot to worry about right now. So what we can control and what we can deal with now to make our life easier from here out will be worth it. Take this time to remove that rock from your shoe.

Deputy Digby Pancake

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One thought on “The Rock In The Shoe

  1. Theresa Bates

    When this thing is behind us and we are less fearful of moving about, maybe the Three Dog Night song with that Dog Blog will be Celebrate! Meanwhile, GP, when you have a rock in your shoe, stop and take it out! Maybe you need some of those new-fangled slip on Sketchers or something similar, so it won’t take you a whole minute to get rid of a rock. Just maybe a couple of seconds! Life is hard enough without spending an entire day with a rock in your shoe. >^..^<

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