Between A Rock And A Hard Place

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. There will be times in your life when it feels like you’re standing still. You will feel like you’re inbetween places or decisions. You will feel like you’ll never be able to go back to where you came from, yet you’re not where you’re going yet. That’s how we feel right now.

We have decided to go to that Italy place.

But our time table didn’t quite work out the way that we hoped or the way that we planned.

So now, many things are up in the air. How we will get there. When we will go. And where we go in the meantime when we have no house on wheels and no truck.

Because those things made it impossible to go to that Italy place. We can’t take them with us. Yet without them, it’s a bit more difficult to be in this place.

This is a pretty big week for us. Especially Wednesday. We can’t tell you why just yet.

Because we don’t want to get too excited until it happens. But it may be the first step in getting to that Italy place and making it more real.

We know it will be hard once we get there to get adjusted. We know all of that. But we also don’t. Because until you’re actually in a situation, you don’t know it all. It will be a hard place. And we are inbetween a rock and a hard place. Because today, we are going to Rock City! Yeah!

In all of our travels in the RV’s across the USA the last many years, Rock City was my favorite. My favorite place! I can’t explain exactly why. But I just loved it. And today, I get to go there with Fruitycake! I hope he loves it too. I really, really do.

Showing your favorite things to friends is one of the greatest joys in life, don’t you think?

So even though we have many things to work out still, we still have to keep moving. Even if it’s not to our destination, there is no reason to stop life.

So this weekend, we spent it exploring again.

We spent our weekend at a new experience…staying at a hostel!

Stay tuned for much more about that later this week! We just loved it.

If you feel like us right about now with goals you want to accomplish or things you want to do, and you have to wait, oh, it’s hard. But what’s harder? Giving up. You’ve come this far. And you can go farther! Don’t feel trapped. You’re simply on your way.

So let’s go to Rock City today! And let’s live!

Peanut Butter Brickle

Big thanks to The Heinsman Guest House in Chattanooga, Tennessee for welcoming us to stay with them! Dog friendly, people friendly and so affordable, this is the perfect home base to explore Chattanooga! When you book, tell them 2 Traveling Dogs sent you! Stay tuned for more on our experience! Check out this unique destination here!