If The Shoe Fits You Don’t Have To Wear It

This is Peanut Butter Brickle. We’ve had a long weekend of driving. But we’ve also not been rushing. Both Girl Person and Fruitycake have been battling the Allergy Monster. That monster has a very bad temper. He makes red eyes and sneezes and itches. I really hope we can lose this monster by the time we get to that North Carolina place.

We also had to tell the Gandparents goodbye or as I prefer, see ya later. That was real hard. Life has been very difficult for many the last few years. And you never really know what’s next. We love our Gandparents very much.

As we were driving away to this North Carolina place, I was thinking of something.

Persons sure have a lot of shoes. They wear them for everything. To go outside and some even wear fuzzy ones in the house.

Us dogs usually don’t have to wear shoes. We have paws that are made for walking.

But we also don’t have to wear shoes of expectation that you persons wear. If the shoe fits, I have news. You don’t have to wear them. You really don’t. Just because others want you to fit in their expectations of you, you do not have to.

There is nothing fun about not being yourself. You have to think about everything you do and say. You still wonder if others like you. It doesn’t solve anything. And you are unhappy. How is that a good look when you wear those shoes?

So many tell me that I look old. And they expect me to have given up on life.

So many tell Fruity that he is too skinny. And that he talks too much.

What do others tell you? What do others expect of you? They didn’t buy the shoes you wear. And you’re the one that ultimately has to pay for those shoes. Are you ok with that?

I want you to be happy with you. I’m happy with me. It took me a few days to get to that point after I was born.

It didn’t take long for my self worth to develop. But maybe it’s taken you a little longer. That’s ok. But even if the shoes fit you’re wearing and you don’t like them, it’s time to take them off.

We will be driving again today! Stay tuned to see where we end up!

Peanut Butter Brickle

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