What’s In Your Wagon?

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. I hear your load is getting pretty hard to carry lately. Am I right? I’m always right. I’m even right about being always right. Yes. Everyone has different loads to carry. We may all be going thru some of the same things at the same time, but none of our loads are the same. Some are heavier than others.

If we each had our own wagon full of our worries, well, we could really picture how heavy our loads are. For us, we are carrying around the fact we lost a new RV, and our families and friends have lost jobs too. We had plans that got cancelled and then extra worries with the Big Blue Treat Wagon. Then, when you put that Depression Monster in there, that wagon of ours is pretty heavy lately. What about yours?

What are you going thru right now that is heavy?

Can anyone help to lighten each other’s load by being a listening ear? Sometimes. We can be a source of refreshment sometimes.

But more often than not, if no one can carry our wagon, we have to find a way to do it ourselves. It’s just like that. And it’s hard. And it’s tiring. And sometimes you will want to give up. But sometimes, you have to simplify by throwing out what you don’t need to make room for the good things to come.

Enter To Win!

How much longer will all of our wagons be this heavy? We don’t know. But we do know that we love you, we see what you’re going thru and how much you are carrying. You’re doing beautifully.

For Digby Pancake, he wishes his wagon was full of pancakes.

And all I tell him is that dreams do come true. And when we finally throw that Depression Monster out of our wagon, and it gets going in a safe, right direction, then there will be a lot more room. And that is motivation enough for me.

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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