The Shell Ring

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. What has a nice ring to it? The sound of Digby’s barking? Probably not.

The sound of your mud in a cup stuff brewing? That sounds nice to the persons.

Or maybe it’s the sound of my name. Peanut. Butter. Brickle. Yes, yes. That has a very nice ring to it.

It sounds almost as good as I look.

But there was another sound this week in our family. The words “happy anniversary.”

The persons sure know how to celebrate. For years, they would leave the house and go to dinner somewhere. But it seems along the way, this fancy occasion turned into celebrating what our life was like everyday. Together.

So this year, like many years lately, they made something at home special for dinner. Girl Person spent two days making a pizza. The kind she misses from that Tampa place.

They let us have some too. Then, they had sparkling stuff in a glass. They seemed very happy about it.

Girl Person says if they leave home and miss it as much as they do when they leave…well…how is being away from it a special occasion? It’s more special to be where you want to be. With who you want to be with.

I’ve never understood why persons think they are less if they have less than someone else. Or why persons think they have to celebrate or show they care like everyone else? We may have learned a lot of lessons the hard way. But we’ve learned.

So when Boy Person gave Girl Person his homemade gift…a shell ring, she knew that sound had a very nice ring to it.

You see, it wasn’t a diamond.

It wasn’t a new car.

But the shell ring was new to her. Special. Fit just right.

Even though he mentioned not to wear it in the shower because the cork he used underneath may make her finger swell.

You see, 26 years is a long time. A long time to realize that the best gifts in life are free.

Don’t waste time living up to others’ expectations. And if you just can’t seem to not worry what other people think, take a step back to know why. Ask yourself why you care. Ask yourself who and what is important to you.

When you listen to your heart, you’ll find it has a very nice ring to it.

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Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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