The Vulture Blues

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. I’ve heard that you should not judge others until you’ve walked a day in their shoes. But what if you don’t wear shoes? I don’t even wear pants.

It’s easy for persons to judge others. I think most of the time, they don’t do it on purpose. But just like us dogs, they learn things from others on how they should think.

Like I’ve always thought I should be scared of vultures. There are a lot of vultures here at camp in this Mississippi place. And I’m definitely scared of the vultures.

Girl Person said to stop worrying about the vultures and she was going to teach us something. Girl Person told me that since we are in this Mississippi place, we need to know a little about it. She says it’s a place where the blues were born.

I suppose the blues are kinda like why I howl for dinner. Why I howl for breakfast. And how I express myself. After I howl, I feel better. And maybe that’s what happens when you sing the blues.

So as we were taking our morning walk again thru camp, there were those vultures again. I was trying to concentrate on the blues. But there were the vultures. Every morning, they sit and watch the water. They fly around. They stare at us. They look scary because I was taught they look scary. And I thought about it. If no one had ever told me that, would I think that? They have pretty feathers and personality. Their wings are big and they glide thru the air. They perch way up high in the trees.

Since the vultures are in the birthplace of the blues, it seems more than appropriate that they would sing those blues too. Blues about no one understanding them or why they deserve to be respected.Did you know that vultures are on the edge of extinction? That means gone, Girl Person said.

The fact is, I suspect not many will change their opinions on vultures. And I find that sad.

If we are to truly love one another and respect others, that includes more than just respecting people. It means respecting the purpose and place of us all. Yes. The vultures.

Whether it be vultures in this Mississippi place or persons, learning about differences makes us all feel more connected. Most of us never feel understood. So that’s a good reason to sing the blues. I could hear the vultures in the trees.

We are the vultures

We’re a wise, old group,

We clean up the earth

But we can’t hula hoop.

We are birds of prey

But that doesn’t mean

We can’t say hey.

We mean no harm

We are here to help

When you see us

There’s no need to yelp.

So are you singing the blues? What if someone took the time to listen to us, about our life, or give us a hug? I won’t give a vulture a hug, but a nod will do. Respect will do. Please take a moment to learn.

Carry on, vultures. Sing those blues.

Deputy Digby Pancake

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