Who Feeds The Birds?

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Kindness is something that we hopefully all try to show. Sometimes it’s when we open a door for someone. Sometimes it’s when we pick up trash in the woods someone forgot. Sometimes it’s a smile, or a wave, or letting someone pass us in traffic.

Sometimes, kindness is shown in surprising ways. At this Mississippi camp, there aren’t many others here. Many spots are empty. And as we were walking around camp checking to see if anyone left any treats in all the fire pits, we came upon a campsite with birdhouses.

Lots and lots of birdhouses. Big. Small. Some had bird seed. Some were painted. And it was beautiful.

There is no RV in this campsite, no van, no trailer, no tent. But there is kindness here. We feel it. The birds know it.

Kindness is not something that all persons practice for one reason or another. Maybe they feel they are too busy, or too stressed. Maybe they don’t think that their small acts of kindness would even matter. But if you asked the birds in the campsite if one person’s kindness mattered, you know that they would say yes. They would sing, yes!

What is amazing about kindness is that it’s not required. You don’t have to be kind to survive in life. You are kind because you want to be. Do you want to be kind? Can you work on being kind? Be someone others want to imitate.

Who is this mysterious, kind person at camp?

We don’t know who is feeding the birds. Is it a camper that comes here often and wants to make sure the birds aren’t hungry?

Is it the park who knows the birds have made reservations in this particular spot? We don’t know. And we are waiting to find out. As Sheriff, I’ll be keeping an eye on this site. And I will report back later in the week.

But even if we never find out who the bird feeder is, a truly kind person doesn’t need recognition.

The biggest reward is knowing in your own moments, you were kind. You were good. That you thought the world was bigger than you. There are no excuses not to be kind. Those who you are kind to may not be there tomorrow. Be kind today.

Feed the birds, water the plants, open the doors, smile. Just like a happy bird sings, make someone else’s’ heart sing and hear yours too.

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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