Biscuits and Tornados

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. Well, butter my biscuit. I never thought we would come to the biscuit capital of the world and have to worry about tornadoes. Natchez, Mississippi? Thank you for the hearty welcome.

When we traveled down the Natchez Trace Parkway this weekend, we decided to stop for a few days. We knew rain was coming. But rain always seems to be coming lately. And so we stopped at a state park to wait it out before we finished driving the parkway. We’ve made it over 400 miles so far.

I’m not much about finishing much of anything. I am more about doing everything. And I’ve been enjoying the ride.

Traveling always seems to throw curveballs our way. Or acorns falling on the roof. Or alligators.

Or in this case, warnings of tornadoes. We heard a long time ago that a very bad tornado came to this Natchez, Mississippi place. And so we took these warnings very seriously yesterday.

All the worrying and the rain and the storms made me hungry in this biscuit capital of the world. If they know how to make biscuits, I sure know how to eat them.

Tornadoes are scary. I know this for sure. Brickle knows it too. And the persons sure do know it. We came up with a plan to head to a safer place if we had to. We had our collars on and stuff ready to go. When I say stuff, I only mean us. The important stuff.

Travel isn’t always about sight seeing. You have to be flexible when emergencies happen. You don’t know what radio station or tv station to check. You don’t know where safe places are. It’s all a learning experience. And you’re thrown into action quickly. Travel really keeps you on your paws.

But after the worst of the storm passed, we started thinking positive. That maybe we could see some things here in this Natchez, Mississippi place. Maybe we could finish driving the parkway this week. Maybe we could get some biscuits in this place while we finish driving!

And since we are in the biscuit capital of the world, because they gave the name to themselves, and no one else had claimed this distinction, I wondered. What capital of the world could I claim? I had lots of time to wonder while it was raining.

What capital of the world could our RV be called? The dog hair capital of the world? Perhaps. The pancake capital of the world?

The tornadoes really taught us something. If there’s something you love, make it a goal to enjoy it today. Even if there are things that occupy your day, we always find time to do the things we truly want and need to do. It’s a choice just like biscuits. Or pancakes. But you can’t avoid the tornadoes. They are going to come when you least expect them. So enjoy what you can while you can. Stock up on your happy so that if the hard times come, like Girl Person’s biscuits, you have a reason to keep going. Did I say that out loud? I heard they have biscuit making classes here. Just saying.

Deputy Digby Pancake

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