Do Not Feed The Alligators

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Have you ever just sat and wondered…is there someone watching me? Is there someone else out there?

The answer is yes. There’s always someone or something out there you don’t see. That ant in the grass. That plane in the sky, way up high. That cat in the tree. Or the alligators in the water.

We took a break in that Mississippi place this weekend. And our campsite happened to back up to the water.

Well, it’s been awhile since we’ve been in the south. And we kinda forgot about our friends who like to lurk around being alligators because they are alligators and that’s what they do.

We were going to stay only one night when we saw that sign. Seemed too scary. Too risky. And yet, living in that Florida place all our lives, we know alligators are out there. But you can’t live in fear. You have to protect yourself and your loved ones by not knocking on their door. Which is every body of water. Yes. Even a puddle.

So when Girl Person woke up, she said she was tired. Wore out. And she didn’t want to keep driving that day. She promised we could still go outside in our sunshiney. But she would have to be with us every second. And we agreed. Even though I’m a Sheriff, I happily accept backup.

We sat outside and we watched. Well. Girl Person did. We thought every branch was an alligator. Every baby duck was an alligator. Everything. Was. An. Alligator. But the longer we sat there, we wondered. Were they out there? And I guess we will never know. Because as we sat there, something else took our attention away from the alligators. Gunshots in the distance.

If you know Digby at all, you know that he is afraid of loud noises. And he knew nothing about the alligators in the water. But he did know he was scared. Girl Person has helped him with his fear over the years, but it’s still there a little. And I guess none of us could really relax that day. Seemed like there was too much to be scared of.

And I guess that’s what can happen to many of us. There is a lot that can harm us. But what if we never went outside or experienced what we wanted to? What if we never ate our favorite meal because we were afraid of food poisoning?

Or what if we never got in our car because we were afraid of an accident? Or what if you never petted a dog because you may get bit? I think we need to worry more.

So what I’m saying is that you are correct when you think there is danger. There is. But you are also responsible on your end to balance danger with living.

So don’t feed the alligators. Don’t go to the water’s edge and invite danger.

But live your life. Because it’s more dangerous to never live at all.

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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