Under The Weather

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. I’ve been under the weather this week. At least that’s what the persons told me. I just know I haven’t felt good. But not feeling good hasn’t taken away my smile. Not much can.

When I don’t feel good it’s not fun. Not fun at all. But going outside six times in a night can be kind of fun when you get to see things you normally don’t. You know. When you’re supposed to be asleep.

Like the person walking around in pajamas at camp singing at 2 a.m. or the squirrel who likes to bury nuts under the RV.

Or the raccoon disguised as an alligator in the marsh. Yes. He scared me.

We all get sick. But I wish that dogs could be fancy sick like you persons with our own indoor facilities.

Sure would have saved Girl Person from trying to put on pants to go outside.

It’s been nice to be in a little warmer weather and by the water. But it goes to show that without your health, everything else comes second. Happiness takes more than than one piece of pie.

You’ve got your health, your family and friends and the place you are. Everyone needs all the pieces.

And of you’re missing one, it’s time to get another slice. You deserve it.

Being under the weather happens to everyone. Sometimes it’s serious and sometimes it passes. But I have a choice. I can either keep worrying about getting sick again. Or I can concentrate on the times I feel good. I pick that.

Nothing in our world is at its best all year round. Even flowers aren’t in bloom all of the time. So pick them and enjoy them while you can. With pie.

We will be in this Mississippi place until Tuesday. And then? No idea. Stay tuned and don’t forget we have a new bedtime story on Saturday! You don’t want to miss this one.

Deputy Digby Pancake

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No Regret At The Truck Stop

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. What. A. Day. What a day. I’m talking about yesterday. All my troubles didn’t seem so far away yesterday. Because they happened yesterday.

We left one part of that Mississippi place and Girl Person said we were headed to get some ocean therapy. I’m all about that. But some days, I would rather get to these places we go to another way. The Big Blue Treat Wagon should have a turbo button to get us there faster.

First, we followed the phone’s voice who told us to go the wrong way on a very wrong Mississippi mud road. After Boy Person was done complaining about that, we tried to find fuel.

Well. We couldn’t fit in that gas station. Or the one after that. We blocked the road at the next one. Got stuck in mall traffic at the next. We gave up, got back on the highway and found out the same thing would happen again. Then we got back on the highway, found fuel hours later and yep. It was just a bit expensive. A bit. And Boy Person was a bit mad. He had more complaining to do. Quite a bit. And Digby and I had to go to the bathroom. Quite a bit.

It’s not the funnest day ever to get lost. Or to get caught in traffic. It’s also not the funnest when your little brother keeps stealing the front seat.

And I was getting tired of it all. This day. So when we got out at the gas station, I had a point to make. Have you ever just wanted to quit a day? Quit it all? Your job, your responsibilities, your everything? I was about done. Here we were at a truck stop in Louisiana. And I was ready to check out. Check out before I even checked in to another Mississippi place.

I thought about it. I’m a smart Sheriff. If I played my cards right, I could make a run for it. I could find a new life somewhere. Somewhere with less troubles then this day had. I was gonna make some trouble. I felt like it. So I did.

As Boy Person filled the Treat Wagon with fuel so expensive we could have flown to the moon, Girl Person pried a chicken drumstick out of Digby’s mouth and a half eaten sandwich out of mine. Then, Digby tried to roll on an old shoe. Boy Person went back inside and I saw him. We were gonna keep driving. This day had been too long. Too much.

I started to imagine all of the things that could go wrong with an hour to go. And I couldn’t take it. As Girl Person was cleaning our paws outside, I thought about it. I could make a run for it. Boy Person was in the driver’s seat. He couldn’t catch me. I started to pull away from Girl Person. She couldn’t believe it. I didn’t want to get back in there. Nope.

Girl Person didn’t overreact for once. She simply looked at me and said, “So this is how it ends? After all we’ve been thru? You’re gonna leave me at a truck stop?”

She wasn’t thinking that anyone could hear her. And I definitely didn’t have an answer for her as she opened the door and told me to go inside. There Boy Person was laughing and told me that he really couldn’t blame me. At all. And well. I couldn’t do it. I just couldn’t. I got back inside. And as we started driving again, Girl Person asked me if I felt any regret about it. And nope. No I didn’t.

Even though I didn’t leave…and I wanted to for a moment, I had no regret for feeling what I felt. Everyone has a right to be frustrated and tired. Sometimes you have a right to just stop. To feel what you need to feel. But then it’s time to get back on track. It’s ok to check out if you check back in.

We got back on the road. And yes. We got lost again. We had trouble finding a campsite. And dinner was two hours late. But I decided I would rather be there with my family then on the moon…or somewhere in Louisiana…without them. So the next time you have a bad day, it’s ok to stop. Just make sure you remember how much you mean to others. And get back on track. We all feel lost. But we can all help each other to get where we are going. Don’t regret decisions made out of frustration.

The blog will return on Thursday! Have a wonderful day!

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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