How Low Can You Go?

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Seems the fast few weeks we have hit some pretty low spots. Nothing too terrible, but sometimes little things add up, don’t they? You keep trying to ask for crunchy peanut butter and you keep getting smooth peanut butter and it’s exhausting.

Yes. We all have problems we feel are the most important problems in the world. Sometimes, we all feel pretty low. And we were low on our hike yesterday. We were low in the original Natchez Trace.

We were walking in the steps of many before us.

We finished off our journey along the 444 mile Natchez Trace Parkway by walking in the original Trace. No. We didn’t walk all 400 miles. Digby says there’s not enough pancakes in the whole state of Mississippi for that.

Despite our problems lately, it was hard to feel low walking there.

Because putting into perspective how hard life used to be for some persons made us feel like we weren’t alone. We have different problems. But they are all important to each one of us. They were important to people of centuries past.

Our problems are important to us now. Your problems are important to you.

Like the travelers who walked here before us, seems to be that as low as we have felt lately, we have had two choices. Stop. Or keep going. And we have found from experience that when you are at your lowest, that’s usually when you find all the strength you have to pull yourself up. Because there is no other choice but to stop. And we can’t do that. There is too much life to live.

At the end of the week, when we were worried about the RV, worried about the next year, and worried about the next thing to break, Digby started feeling yucky. And you know what? We remembered that none of the other stuff mattered. As usual, Digby has a way of giving us reminders.

How low can you go? Are you there now?

What can make you pull yourself up? Maybe you need rest to think about that. We know that we do. Maybe you need to ask for help. And that’s ok too. But don’t stop too long. Because being low can cause you to feel as though you are unworthy. That everything seems impossible. Has that Depression Monster got you too? Know that others have fought and won. Others have fallen and got back up. Others have found something within them to continue along life’s journey and have been an example to others. You can be that too. Make history for yourself today. Remember this as the day you were low. And the day you found your strength to live the best life you’ve had so far! It starts with one step. We are right along with you. We may not be going the same place. But we can keep each other company until we get to where we need to be.

As long as Digby feels better, we will be exploring more of Natchez, Mississippi this weekend. Stay tuned for videos and pictures on our Facebook page! Where will we be headed Monday? Stay tuned! We don’t know.

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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