Don’t Rock The Boat

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. I’ve heard not to stir the pot.

I’ve heard not to make waves.

And I’ve definitely heard not to rock the boat.

But what if you’re on a boat and you didn’t know you bought a ticket?

When we arrived in Spencer, Tennessee after a long day, we were exhausted. Exhausted from all the twists and turns. Exhausted from trying to keep dry. Apparently, all of the rain and snow lately found its way in the Big Blue Treat Wagon RV again. And every time we went around a corner, we got wet. It was like a shower of sorts.

And little did we know, it would be warmer than the campground shower later on that night.

Boy Person thought he had fixed a leak before, but sometimes one fix makes another problem. And as we contemplated on what to do, we first had to park our Big Blue Treat Wagon. The website said it had a slight incline. That’s like saying I’m slightly handsome.

After driving all day, we were not in the mood to rock and roll. But that’s what we had to do.

Boy Person would back up. Pull forward. Drive up on blocks.

Drive down. Get out. Complain. And do it all again. Our dinner was late. And it seemed like the Big Blue Treat Wagon would never be level. And I guess it wasn’t.

After we had our dinner and took our walk, Boy Person took a run and Girl Person had her cold shower. As she set up our house with pulling stuff out of drawers, seeing what broke during the ride, and rolling out rugs and vacuuming, she felt like she was slipping. Because she was slipping. This boat was rockin.

When Boy Person came in and felt the waves, he wasn’t happy. He was seasick.

And we all hoped that Girl Person’s graceful way of walking and plopping down on the couch wouldn’t propel us off this mountain.

At this point, we were all so tired we decided the best thing to do was wait till the morning and hope to call for the coastguard. Which would be Boy Person.

Did we ever get level? No. No we didn’t. Was our leak fixed? No. No it wasn’t. We feel like this ship is sinking of sorts. We’ve done our best to keep afloat. But sometimes you have to change course. What will that course be?

It’s not weak to realize you’re in treacherous waters. It’s not weak to realize that in order to keep sailing, you have to make repairs. Changes.

No one wants to sink.

Don’t let anyone else tell you where to navigate to. You know how level your boat is. We could say that we have life all figured out. But the truth is, we don’t. Does anyone? The secret is to keep afloat. No matter what if takes.

If your boat is rockin, how can you stay afloat? Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Get your life jacket and let’s sail away. Together. However, I would highly recommend you book our tickets on another vessel. This Big Blue Treat Wagon is tipsy at the moment…

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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