Looking In

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. To be blunt, it’s cold here in this Tennessee place. It’s been a rough month. And maybe you can relate.

But as I watched the persons stressing out about our tires, batteries, refrigerator, leaks and electrical problems and more lately, I realized that Brickle and I had a unique way of looking at things. Because we were watching a show of sorts.

It seemed like every time something went wrong and they fixed it the best that they could, something else would happen. Then the something else that happened caused another. And it was like a never ending mini series on repeat.

When everything that could go wrong did, Brickle and I were sitting outside with Girl Person. The Big Blue Treat Wagon RV looked different. It looked like it had no problems at all. It looked like a dream. I really felt bad it was having all these problems.

And I wondered. What would someone think if they were looking in the RV and into our life? What would they see?

They would see the persons making their mud in a cup in the morning as Brickle and I kept cozy under our blankies.

They would see Girl Person making us our eggies and pancakes after a hike.

They would see dinnertime and snack time and how we get a present everyday after our evening walk.

They would see me and Girl Person’s nightly talk about the day. Yes. They would see all that. And I wondered. Why didn’t we see all that some weeks?


When our lives aren’t going how we planned or even halfway how we pictured them to be, it’s easy to have regrets. It’s easy to get depressed. And it’s very easy not to see the things we have. But what if someone was looking in your window on your life? What blessings would they see?

Being grateful is hard to master for persons. Almost as hard as “leave it” which gets told to me a lot.


But practicing it on our not good days is even harder. The truth is, we all have something or someone in our lives that someone else could only hope for. Can we take a few minutes today to thank them?

So my hope is that you see it. Even if you have to look in.

Deputy Digby Pancake


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