Let It Flow When You Let Go

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. When you imagine that something is going to be beautiful, but you’ve never actually seen it before, do you really know how beautiful it is? You may see pictures. Read books. Watch movies. But do you see with only your eyes?

When we heard of the waterfalls at Fall Creek Falls State Park, we imagined them to be beautiful. Is a waterfall ever not beautiful? Am I ever not beautiful?

But we could not have imagined the beauty of this place when we got here. Because only then could we hear the waterfalls, see the waterfalls, feel the power of the waterfalls…all at the same time. It was like a movie, but we were in it.

The waterfalls are certainly tall. The persons said that they are the tallest waterfalls east of the Mississippi!

The waterfalls are certainly breathtaking. But it’s more than that. The beauty around them, like the rust colored creeks, and the trees and the sound of the birds actually adds to their beauty. And the waterfalls’ beauty adds to the creeks and the trees and the birds.

Could we see all of that in a video or on the computer without actually being here? We could not. And I wondered. When are persons actually ever present, fully present in their surroundings? What do they actually see when they are on their phones? What do they see when they are worrying or thinking about what else they need to do?

What can cause a person to let those things go? Those weights that bring them down? The blinders that cause them not to see what’s in front of them?

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When you let it go, whatever it is, only then will the beauty flow. Only then will your potential shine thru. Only then can you feel and see and taste what’s around you. It’s true. Some people can be in front of a waterfall and not even see it.

You may have to work on letting go. You may not be successful the first time. You can do it, even if you fall. You can get rid of what’s keeping you from the real life.

You can’t float on a rock. Don’t be a rock. Don’t be stubborn.

Realize that in order to be your best, you have to give your best. That means your best to people around you by giving them your attention. Your best to beautiful things like the waterfalls by seeing them and feeling them in the moment. Let it go. There’s a show out there. You have a ticket. Don’t let it go to waste.

We will be watching the weather this weekend. Where are we headed? Digby is navigating the way! Stay tuned.

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