The Chair

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. Do you have a favorite chair? You know, one you sit in? One you watch that TV thing in?

Maybe you have a chair that you eat snacks in?

Maybe your favorite chair isn’t your chair anymore at all.

But your favorite furkid loves it more.

Well, we don’t have many chairs in this Big Blue Treat Wagon RV. There is the chair that Boy Person sits in when he drives. There’s the chair that we all fight for in the passenger side. Then. Then. There’s the chair no one hardly sits in. The chair that takes up space. And we don’t have that much of it.

When it rained like rain rains this weekend, and it never stopped, we had to close up the RV so the leaks wouldn’t leak as much. And the little space we have became no space. And in the no space, Girl Person’s Depression Monster makes an appearance like a broadway play in New York City. It’s dramatic. Loud. Cries. But no one wants to buy a ticket.

Boy Person is a problem solver. Kind of like a Sherlock Holmes of sorts.

And he was determined to figure out a way to make the Depression Monster less dramatic. He looked for a way to make more room. And that’s when he figured out, upon Girl Person’s strong suggestion, to get that chair taking up room out of here. So they tried to do that. First, they picked it up and tried to put it in the sardine bedroom. But it wouldn’t fit thru the doorway. They thought it had to fit. It had to. They pivoted. And pivoted. And pivoted. And gave up.

Now. Boy Person was still determined because the Depression Monster was doing a dance now. And so he tried to put it here. Put it there. And it wouldn’t fit. Nowhere. What a dance it was.

The only place left was to put in on the dashboard. But it wouldn’t fit. Until they made it fit. You see, when there’s a will, there’s a way.

And if there’s no way, you settle for the next best thing. The dashboard. Out of sight, out of mind? Kinda. Boy Person said it could make your horn go off. And if it did in the middle of the night, well, let him know.

Did it help Girl Person? It did. She could move without climbing. And most of all, both our dog beds could fit in that space. And then, there was less room for the Depression Monster. Oh, he was still there. But he couldn’t move so much.

When there is something in your life that makes life more difficult or less happy, move it out of the way.

It may seem impossible what it is you have to move. But if we can move a chair in a sardine can, you can do it too. We believe in you.

Deputy Digby Pancake

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  1. Barbara Sevrens

    Good morning guys enjoyed your story on the chair. Glad girl person is feeling better. Hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving

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