Leaf It Be

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. Yes. We were supposed to leave this Pennsylvania place yesterday. Yes. We are still here this morning. Yes. Someone threw a wrench in our plans. We didn’t go anywhere.

Persons like to make plans. They have a one track mind. Even when there are multiple tracks to choose from.

But dogs know that even if you get sidetracked and something unexpected pops up in your path, you should still find time to smell it.

It was midnight the night before our departure. Girl Person was looking up the campground we had made plans to go to. And since it was first come, first serve, that meant you couldn’t make a reservation. Nope, you had to chance it.

So she was looking at what we should expect once we got there. And all of a sudden, she saw it. Reviews saying that people were happy no pets were allowed there and that meant they could walk barefoot in the grass. Well. Well. Well.

Girl Person knew we had a problem. And as Boy Person started to get upset about the millionth campground that didn’t allow pets the last few weeks, we all realized it was no big deal. Sidetracked we would be. Staying in this Pennsylvania place for one more day wouldn’t be that bad. The bad attitude about campgrounds not liking dogs? We would have to leave it be, go outside, sit in the leaves and leaf it there. Yes. We would leaf it be.

You see, I find many things in the leaves. Things that stink or have rotted. Old trash. Basically, anything I can eat. Someone put it under there. I just have to find it. But the bad attitudes? Put them in a pile of leaves and let it stay there. Don’t dig it back up. Let it go.

Pennsylvania place? You’ve been fickle. One day you’ll only let the persons buy four bottles of wine. The next day, you surprise us with your beauty. The less than perfect things that happened here, we will leaf that be. And we will carry the beautiful things with us.

Life isn’t predictable. It’s not always a bed of roses. Sometimes it’s a pile of leaves.

We have a long, long, drive today to West Virginia. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for details and clues!

Deputy Digby Pancake

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