Fall Inspired Barktail Recipes For Dogs

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Fall is in the air! It’s in the changing colors of leaves on the trees and you can almost smell the aromas of pies baking!

During our travels last month, we decided to go apple picking with our dogs! What better way to celebrate the beginning of a new season than with a trip to an apple orchard?

As we visited the apple orchard’s store and paid for our $30 bag of apples and apple cider, I wondered…wouldn’t they like some apple cider too? But how could I make a dog friendly and healthy version for dogs?

How could I include the dogs this year with fall drinks? I had to use all these apples and pumpkins from the farm stand!

How could I keep them hydrated, happy and healthy with fall inspired barktails? Primo Water had to be included, because it’s the only water we trust on the road and in our house on wheels!

And so we went back to our little kitchen, lit a campfire, and consulted our barktenders.

Brickle and Digby came up with the first, best barktails including the best water! Primo Water!

Yapple Apple Cider For Dogs And People


10 apples quartered

1/4 cup organic maple syrup or local honey

1 teaspoon ground cinnamon

Primo Water (Enough to cover the apples in the pot)


Place apples in a large pot and cover with water, at least by two inches. Stir in maple syrup or honey and cinnamon. Bring to a boil. Boil uncovered for one hour. Cover pot, reduce heat and simmer for two hours. Strain mixture thru a mesh sleeve or cheesecloth. Discard solids or save to make apple sauce! Drain cider again thru cheesecloth. Refrigerate until cool.

Apples are a good source of fiber as well as vitamin A and C. Make sure to take out the seeds and the core before feeding to your dog, as these can be choking hazards

Pupkin Pawjito For Dogs


4 Mint leaves

1 teaspoon honey

1/2 cup unsalted chicken broth

1/4 cup Primo Water

1 tablespoon organic pumpkin purée


Smash the mint leaves and honey in bottom of a cocktail shaker. Add broth, Primo Water and pumpkin purée. Shake until mixed. Strain into a glass of bowl!

Even though these recipes are fun, delicious and nutritious, how important is it to keep our dogs hydrated when seasons change? How can the quality of the water we give them make a difference?

We know that summertime heat makes us more thirsty. But when seasons change, it may be easy to forget to drink the amount of water our bodies require. But hydration is key for us and for our dogs. Keep a fresh supply of drinking water out for your dog at all times. Some dogs may be picky when it comes to the flavor or taste of their water. And Primo Water makes that part of dog parenting easy, safe and effective.

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So how will you let the fall season inspire you to celebrate with your dog?

It’s five o’clock somewhere! Those barktails are waiting!

Primo makes it easy for us to find safe water for our family no matter where we are! Find a refill station or prefilled bottles near you by entering your location at www.primowater.com

Rachael Johnson

Co-founder 2 Traveling Dogs

Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are our own. We received compensation for this post.

Primo Water has generously agreed to sponsor our “Rescue Of The Month”! Congratulations to For The Cats’ Sake in Pennsylvania who will be receiving their own Primo Water Pet Station!

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