Band On The Run

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. There is a time to walk. There is a time to run. There is a time to put the brakes and stop.

As we made our way to another state park in this Pennsylvania place and had to pay another $40 in tolls, I wondered. Where were we actually going? Sure. I understood we were trying to go south and see a few things. But do I have to sell my peanut butter cookies like a Girl Scout to pay for all these tolls? Seriously.

The good news is that we made it safely from the state park that didn’t care for dogs or water and made it to another state park without water at our site.

But as usual, Boy Person figured out a way around the problem.

Good thing, because washing dishes outside in freezing rain wasn’t on Girl Person’s list of fun activities.

But when it comes to traveling, the unknown and unexpected should be expected. We thought we had our route picked out. But tried to navigate away from the rain. We tried to find campsites to stay at. And we were worried that this site would be all mud on Sunday. But then, more rain was in the forecast, cold temperatures and that four bottle limit of wine a day in Pennsylvania? It was weighing on our minds.

What would we do? Where could we go?

Sometimes, the more you try to maneuver around a problem, the deeper you get into trouble. And you waste a lot of time and effort doing so.

And so even though we are trying to get to some parks in West Virginia and Kentucky before they close for the winter, we had to own up to the fact there was nothing we could do. We couldn’t change the weather. We couldn’t change that we were gonna be shut up like sardines in the Big Blue Treat Wagon RV for a few days. Nope.

Looks like our band on the run was going to have to stop.

And even though we will lose some time, we still should be able to leave before the real winter comes. And that’s important.

Have you been trying to figure out a problem or a situation for a long time and see no way around it? Sometimes, there isn’t a way. It’s not about giving up when we change directions or courses. And if we stop to recharge, regroup or just to think, that’s not giving up either.

We can’t worry about what others expect or how they would handle our situation because it’s our situation. Not theirs. So get your band together and stop running. See how far you can go when you stay still for just a little while.

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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