Where The Water Falls

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. I have been to a lot of places. I have seen a lot of things. I have likes. I have dislikes. But I always try to go with the flow. Unless that flow is a waterfall. And I’m not partial to waterfalls. I’m the opposite of partial to waterfalls. In other words, I don’t like them.

As we were on our hike yesterday, we came to a waterfall. But Girl Person explained to me that people actually made this waterfall, and it was actually called a Dam. Well. I’ll be….

Since she explained it that way, I tried to put the sound of the water falling out of my mind. I’ve been told some persons actually like that sound. To each his own and you can have it.

I’ll take the sound of a creek where I can stand on solid ground and feel it beneath my feet. Yes. I don’t like heights either.

It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway…Brickle thinks so highly of himself that he tries to climb higher and higher.

He loves the waterfalls. But apparently, the only thing that loved me at the waterfall which was a dam, was a wasp. A very mean wasp. A wasp that stung me and got stuck and left his stinger in me!

And let me tell you. Girl Person thought I was running from the dam, but she quickly found out a wasp had me. I felt like saying…well…you know.

But she got it off me as fast as she could. However, I could not get back to the car fast enough. Waterfalls got me again. Nothing but trouble.

After that experience, I had an afternoon of brunch and a nap. Because the persons actually went somewhere without us. They didn’t want to. And I wasn’t happy about it. Until I heard there was a waterfall there too. And I thought, well maybe staying home wasn’t a bad idea from this place.

This place didn’t allow dogs. Did I mention that? No small dogs. Big dogs. Dogs. No. Dogs. I thought what kind of place was this? And why didn’t they want dogs there too? The persons said it was a fancy, schmancy, famous house built over a waterfall. A waterfall.

Seems that everyone likes to go there and look at it and remark that it blends in to the forest and gives beauty to the waterfall.

Brickle appreciates beauty and is quite knowledgeable on it. He said although it was nice, what was beautiful first? The house or the waterfall?

And he asked a very serious question. Does it matter what we live in? Do our homes have to be fancy? Or is the real beauty, our earth, our real home? And what is a house built on? Love that welcomes anyone.

That house was art. But no dogs? Girl Person asked us if we would feel better if we knew this architect man made dog house plans for someone to build?

I had never heard of a doghouse. Dogs sleep where? Although it looked nice, I think we will stick to the Big Blue Treat Wagon RV. A house is a house. It is supposed to provide shelter, warmth, love. If your house has that, it will overflow with kindness. We can’t make others feel good until we feel good. Love starts in our hearts. Make your home a good place to go back to, a good place to be you. Then the real you will be as refreshing as a waterfall.

Where does your water fall? Wherever it falls, it will continue to flow and even sometimes come back to you. Make it refreshing. And welcome everyone. Will that always be easy? No. A wasp may bite your butt. But keep it flowing. Keep the love going.

Today we leave this Pennsylvania place! Where are we going? Well. We don’t have reservations anywhere. But I hope it doesn’t have a waterfall. Stay tuned!

Deputy Digby Pancake

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  1. Claudia Trejo

    2 traveling dogs I love tour bed time stories my chubs loves them too 🐾😍🐾. I’m sorry Digby about the wasp it was funny , but I bet it hurt a lot hope you are better cause I know how it hurts 🐾🤗😍🐾

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