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This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Oh, a name. What’s in a name? Peanut butter.


Yeah. Need I say more? Then we have Digby.


Traveling around, every place has a name. And there’s usually a reason behind the name. We are in Henderson, North Carolina right now.

The city was named in honor of former North Carolina Supreme Court Chief Justice Leonard Henderson. And we are staying on a lake named Kerr Lake. The lake is named for Congressman John Kerr of North Carolina, who supported the original creation of the lake.

All these names got me to thinking. What would I want named after me?

If everything has a name, and a reason behind it, what do we put our name to? How do we spend our time and what do we put our energy into?

Whether we know it or acknowledge it, we all make a name for ourselves. We all stand for something, even if that means we are doing nothing.

Traveling helps you to see how much of an impact we can have on our world in a good way or a bad way. But traveling also helps you to get to know yourself better!

What you think were your favorite foods, or places, or scenery may change when you travel. You may get to know yourself better by how you react in stressful situations. Or how you react to inconveniences. Are you strong enough to learn more about yourself? I think you are. I also think there’s more to you than what you may even realize.

The best way to get to know yourself though, even besides travel, is thru people you meet that are different than you.

People in different places have different likes and dislikes. They have different ways of doing things. Even simple parts of a day are different. Here for example, most places, you can’t pay for your fuel at the pumps. You have to go inside. We aren’t used to it. But it’s the way it’s done here.

What would happen if we complained about this? Would it not be better to think why it’s like that here? Maybe if we all talked instead of complained, we would all grow as individuals. Maybe it’s time we all learn about each other and how place and each person is special, colorful, beautiful.

You may not ever see that person you just talked to again when you’re on the road, at a grocery store or at the park. They may not know your name is Mary or Nadene or Lin or Bob. But more important than your name? A positive impression, a kind word and a smile. And then one day, the things you put your energy into may be named after you in other’s hearts.

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