Barracuda, Caracuda And Water Hoses

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. I have arrested many things. I have arrested many people. Many places. But the great thing about being in law enforcement is you know there will always be a new case to keep you on your paws. Take the case of the barracuda, the Caracuda and water hoses.

When you book a campsite, you expect it to have somewhere to attach your hose to so that you can have water inside your RV. But when we arrived late at night, we could barely see anything. And we definitely couldn’t find where the water hookup was. Anywhere. The persons looked and looked and looked and looked. When they were finally about to give up, they found it, alright. About a 100 feet away! The persons, for once, had two of something. So they hooked the two hoses together. And tragedy was averted. But seriously. What’s the deal with that? I knew it was definitely an arrest-able offense. But I had no idea the seriousness of it.

As we were taking a walk by the lake, Girl Person remarked it would be awesome to go for a swim.

But she told Boy Person when she was a kid, she was always told not to put her head under water because bugs would get inside her ears and eat her brain. Well…that sounded bad. Also, they wondered if there were any alligators in this North Carolina lake. So as they do with everything, they took out their phones and tried to find the information. Were there alligators in the lake? They thought they found the answer to be no. But then they found an answer they didn’t particularly care for. Someone said in this lake was a Caracuda. A cross between a Carolina fish and a barracuda! A barracuda? A Caracuda?! Oh to the no.

Girl Person definitely rethought her thought of swimming.

Definitely. But I had a feeling. A feeling that only a good Sheriff gets. Something smelled fishy, and it wasn’t the lake. Nope. Caracuda?!

A Carolina fish? A Caracuda? No. Such. Thing. Did it take a Sheriff to bring this to her attention? Girl Person finally figured out that perhaps she had been tricked by the trusty internet. But Digby wondered…had she really? The Loch Ness Monster is questioned. Bigfoot is questioned.

And Deputy Digby confided in me that he thought the water hoses may just have something to do with it. Because, you see, the campground knew that to protect everyone from the Caracuda, which could grow to hundreds of feet long, they needed campers to have long hoses to trick the Caracuda. Kind of like an alarm system or electric fence. No Caracuda would mess with a water hose that long. No Caracuda in its right mind.

Needless to say, I was impressed by Deputy Digby’s case solving skills. There may be things in our world that we question. That we wonder why it’s done like that. Like the water hookup far away. But maybe the reason is to protect us from things like the Caracuda. Do your research. Find out why. And then protect yourself. I can’t offer you a hose though. We kinda need them.

Now. I don’t know if the Caracuda actually exists. Like I said, I think not. Digby thinks so. This case may not be closed…yet…but until then, Caracuda? Water hoses? Everyone. Is. Arrested.

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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