The Dozer

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Have you ever felt knocked down? Have you ever felt that you couldn’t get up? Have you ever felt pushed aside? I know you have. And I get it. Things haven’t been peachy keen around here lately.

Sometimes, doesn’t it seem like problems follow you around? This week, it seems that everywhere we go at camp, this mad Dozer thing keeps following us!

We go to the lake, there it is. We go to the beach, there it is. Everywhere. It is quite annoying.

If I was a gambling man, I would bet a dozen peanut butter cookies that this thing is trying to ruin my peace and quiet.

Girl Person says that dozers push stuff around. Make stuff flat. Generally, they are loud. And overbearing! Enough to get them arrested.

I’m sure that the Dozer is just trying to do his job of making things flat.

But we had to be very careful not to get hurt as it kept driving by us. We could have been hit by rocks or worse. Even the sound was enough to make us run away. And isn’t that what we should do with negative things that try to get us? But why do so many not run, but go to the negativity? Maybe they don’t recognize what they are doing. Even I had to stop and think about this.

Because everything we see, hear and feel in our day affects us in some way. Bad news, arguments, problems…all of that. Do we need to protect our peace of mind more so that it doesn’t get ran over? We have to get into our own groove some days. Stay in our lane.

We can’t help anyone if we are ran into the ground. So protect your happy. Look out for the dozers. But keep on walking. When others try to bring you down, hold your head up.

When you see a Dozer, appreciate what it’s there for. To remind you to make your own path to happiness. You can do it! Today’s assignment is to recognize the things that stand in your way to spending more quality time with your dog. Others may tell you it’s not important. That your dog doesn’t care. But I’m here to tell you, and so is Digby, that we do care. We do notice.

You should feel good that someone wants to be with you as much as your dog loves you. So what changes can you make? What can you push aside today to make it happen?

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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2 thoughts on “The Dozer

  1. Lynn Dutton Cease

    Good Morning, thank you for reminding us how healthy it is to walk right by the “dozers” in our life and to maintain a peaceful and loving lifestyle. And thank you for sharing your family with all of us. Your insight on life is uplifting, loving and very beneficial to living a healthy life. My daily motto: I am on a Healing Journey and I choose to live a healthy life!!” 💓🐾💓👧🧒

  2. barbara Sevrens

    You are right. Protect yourself. I enjoy spending time with my Rocco and always will..try not to let stupid stuff interfere with my joy.

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