The Job

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. There is no question that wherever I go, my law enforcement abilities exceed expectations. My abilities have no specific jurisdiction and they definitely cross state lines.

But even I know that when another police officer or Sheriff believes that they have control over a situation, sometimes it’s best to sit back and let them handle it. And enjoy the show.

The other night on our evening walk, we noticed a bunch of commotion. Seems as though some fellow campers had left for the afternoon to swim at the beach. That’s common here. And there is an unspoken rule. Don’t touch other campers’ stuff. Isn’t that the right thing to do? I always know the right thing to do.

But someone else apparently did not know. They decided to help themselves. And as the beach campers came back, it was apparent that shock, madness and general panic had set in. All. Their. Stuff. Was. Gone.

Well, as the Camphost people came to help, they decided to ask other campers if they had been witness to any of the going’s on. I had my arrest book out and ready to go. But I barely had time to pull out my pen when the beach campers saw their personalized coffee mugs right in front of their eyes. Then they saw their extension cord. And that was only the beginning. As Girl Person tried to make us flee from the situation for our safety, we heard the words. Many words. Questions of why they stole all their food and property. We heard questions of blame. It wasn’t good. In fact it was the opposite of good. It was very bad.

Pretty soon, the police came. And as things were sorted out, one thing was most important. The beach camper? The beach camper that had all his items stolen? He wasn’t just any beach camper. He was a policeman. And the stealer had stolen from the wrong camper.

The situation was eventually dealt with without my assistance. But I had to wonder. What made it the stealer’s job to steal? What made a police officer want to be a police officer? Did everyone have a job? Yes. They did. They do. We all do. What is it?

Because you see, I have an observation. We can choose to make it our job to do good. But if we don’t, our job chooses us to do bad. It all takes the same energy. And we all need a job. Have you chose the right one?

It takes work to steal. And I’m not one to judge, even as an officer of the law. Every person can change. And every person has a different makeup which has shaped them. Just like pancakes have shaped Digby. We can’t judge. But we can try to make ourselves better and be an example, help when we can, but also protect ourselves at the same time.

Jobs provide purpose. Jobs provide identity. And it’s vital we let our hearts guide our work. Even with your dog, it is very important and vital that your dog has a job too! In my humble but not so humble opinion, this will shape your dog into a happy furfriend. Years ago, Digby and I took hiking with Girl Person as our job. It gave us purpose. Kept us out of trouble. And we clock in every day.

So my assignment for you today is give your dog a job. Give your dog an assignment every day. We all need a purpose. Make it your job to make a difference for your dog today. And also, maybe take your stuff with you when you head to the beach.

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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