A Present

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. Do you like surprises? Presents? Do you?

I certainly do, and so does Sheriff Brickle. Every night, Girl Person gives us a special treat for being such good boys. We are good boys every day.

But sometimes, we get other types of presents. Surprise ones in the mail! And we were told that we had one waiting for us yesterday. I can’t drive, but Girl Person can. And she was on it! We needed a cheer up day!

Girl Person said that surprise presents are a little thing in life that makes it fun. Well, of course it does! I knew there would be treats in there, but Girl Person said we had to wait to open it until we got home. That was a real long drive!

I couldn’t wait! This was a big box! And everything was wrapped up all pretty and nice. Every time she pulled something out, we ohhhhed and ahhhhhed! No matter what it was. Because it was more about the thought behind each gift that the gift itself. Although those cookies were sure good…

You see, when someone takes the time to let us know that they are thinking about us, and that we are important, isn’t that a big present?

Everyone is busy. Everyone has a million and five things that they could be doing. So when someone spends time to give you a present, that’s the time to know how special you truly are. And you are.

No matter if that present is treats or toys, or if that present is a kind word, someone doing a chore for us, or even a smile, its truly special.

So today’s assignment is to give your dog a present! If it’s a treat or a new toy or blanket, great! But it can be a surprise outing or a drive. Something special for your special dog. Look into your heart. You will know what to get!

Making someone feel special is even a gift for you. You are more than deadlines and work. Unwrap a present and unwrap some happy for you and the ones in your life you are fortunate to have in it.

Deputy Digby Pancake

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2 thoughts on “A Present

  1. Mary Ann Hurst

    Good morning!!! I hope you are having peanut butter and pancakes this morning…. I just wanted to thank Girl Person for the wonderful care and her unselfishness of her time to post to let us know how you all are… I so look forward to hearing about your day and how you are… soooooo you are a gift to me each day….♥️🐶

  2. angela neeld

    I recently started following your blog, after my guy was diagnosed with mast cell cancer and arthritis . I just wanna say thank you and I know your heart ache. Praying for you and your guys.

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