A Bite Of A Strawberry

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. Today, I’m a little bit tart. A lot of sweet. You know, kind of like a juicy strawberry.

Girl Person says good strawberries are hard to find. She remembers the ones they tried in that Sonoma, California place many years ago. And she has never been able to find any as good since.

I’m not particularly sure that I like strawberries.

Sheriff Brickle tries to arrest them when they are snuck into his cookies. But even though Girl Person knows that every time she buys some strawberries they won’t compare to her favorites, she still hopes. She still tries. Maybe? Then. No.

Its a sad fact. But Girl Person says that much of the food people buy is thrown away. Never eaten. Wasted.

I am pretty sure I could help with not wasting food.

And as Girl Person bought another carton of strawberries this weekend, she looked at them. She smelled them. She hoped again. But when she took a bite, she knew. Still not as good as she remembered. And she wondered. Would she ever taste a strawberry like that again?

Would she ever smell a strawberry like those in Sonoma again?

As usual, Brickle and I step back and wait to teach the persons a lesson. Sometimes they get it. Sometimes they don’t. But in this case, it was an easy one. Sometimes, things are as good as they will be for that moment. Sometimes you’ll take a bite of a strawberry and it’s the best you have ever had! And you won’t ever have one again that good. It’s a fact. Sad? No. It’s a good fact. Because moments like that will stay with you forever! Instead of trying to duplicate a moment or a time, think about how wonderful it was! And then make other, different, wonderful moments. Take a bite of something else! Taste it! Don’t waste it!

As we get older, or our circumstances change, it’s easy to feel bad about what used to be. We compare ourselves to the past instead of making the most out of now. There is always something new to try and to learn about. And that’s what your assignment is today!

I want you to think about a food you’ve always wanted to try or a place you’ve always wanted to visit or learn about. And I want you to explore how you can either make that happen or learn more about it. Really picture yourself in a new experience! Travel in time. Now is your future!

And if you have a dog in your life, I want you to think about what they like. Their personality. Their feelings. What can you do together that is new to you BOTH today? Keeping our minds and our hearts active keeps us young. Let’s be young today!

Life isn’t meant to only have a bite taken out of it.

Eat the whole thing! Live it. Don’t remember it.

Deputy Digby Pancake

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3 thoughts on “A Bite Of A Strawberry

  1. barbara Sevrens

    Good morning guys good word about strawberries. I love them myself but the ones I get at the store are not as good as I remember but I buy them anyway. You guys always have a good story to tell. Have a blessed day

  2. Tarra Graham-Sandler

    I can relate to this post. I’ve lived in the moment for 9 years now. I celebrate every small moment or victory. My fur babies have helped me every day with this. Two Traveling Dogs is a wonderful reminder how to enjoy life!! Thank you!! Love and hugs from the Graham-Sandler household.

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