Mr. And Mrs. Potato Head

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Have you ever felt something so much…so intense…that it overwhelms you? Like when you see my beauty?

Well, imagine that feeling made even more intense with the heat. Yeah. It’s cooking up the emotions.

When it’s so hot outside, sometimes you lose your mind…if you are Girl Person. She gets a bit irritable. A bit overwhelmed. It’s like whatever feeling she has gets cooked up and served up with a heaping side of hot, mashed potatoes.

It’s hot in this Florida place quite often. But this takes the cake and bakes it right up. It seems to serve up the feelings with a piece of cake too.

We can’t walk very far or very long. We are worried about our air conditioning quitting. We like to be outside, but can’t be for long. And everyone is mad about it. Except Digby. Of course.

Yesterday, Girl Person took us for a short walk. Then remembered she asked Boy Person to vacuum. Boy Person forgot.

And Girl Person forgot her mind was all heated up. She got mad. Boy Person had no sleep from being hot all night. And they turned into Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head with no sour cream. No butter. Just hot potatoes were there in this RV.

Yes. They pulled it together. They realized that the heat was in fact making whatever they felt more intense. And I suppose that is how some days go. Something makes you upset. Something makes you more upset. And you take it out on strangers, or even someone you love. The biggest part of you shouldn’t be what’s wrong, though. It should be what’s right.

A potato can be many things.

French fries, mashed, scalloped or sweet! They can be a main dish or a side dish. They can even be a cold potato salad. That sure sounds good.

But remember that nothing happening to you gives you the right to be anything but nice to others…who may not even know how hot you are. Step back. Step inside if you have to, and cool off. Be refreshing. Not depressing.

And make me some potato salad while you’re at it, but make sure you vacuum first.

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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  1. barbara Sevrens

    Good story about Mr and Mrs potato head relating it to the person’s. Have a great Tuesday. Warm here too

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