Hot Fun In The Summertime In November

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  I am not immune to the fact that we have went from temperatures as low as 30 degrees Fahrenheit this week to 87 degrees Fahrenheit here in this Florida place.

Deputy Digby Pancake says that it is hot enough to melt his butter.  Well, it melted Girl Person’s butter for sure, even though she is something called vegan.  You see, she kind of gets a little crankier in the heat.  I get a little slower.  Deputy Digby smiles more.  And Boy Person? He leaves off his socks when wearing flip flops.

But if you know me, you know that I always try to see the bright side of things after I take care of arresting the not so bright.  And even though this Florida place didn’t get the memo that is is November, I decided to embrace it and take advantage of the excuse to lay around while the persons are getting ready to go to Italy on Saturday.


Seems to me that people complain about the weather when they feel that they need to complain about something.  If it’s hot, it’s too hot. If it’s cold, it’s too cold.  If it’s hot you wish for the cold.  If it’s cold you wish for the hot.  And this is alot of time wasted when you could simply do your best to enjoy the moment.

Boy Person asked Digby today why he has to stick his nose in everything to smell it.  He asked him why, if he is a foxhound, can’t he smell whatever it is enough in the air.  And I know the answer to that.  Deputy Digby embraces the moment and he has no restraint in that moment.  He takes that moment and enjoys it to the fullest.  And I wish that I could be more like that.  But we need individuals like Digby to remind us.  We need individuals like Digby to show us the good things in life by making the most out of them.


And so, Florida place?  I know that it is hot.  But I know that I have missed you.  So whatever you are, and whatever the temperature is here, I am going to try and love you.  We are going to be missing the persons when they leave on Saturday for Italy. Oh, the clock is counting down.

As Digby and I head to our Aunt’s house on Friday and the RV goes to its vacation spot, I can guarantee that it’s not the heat that we are going to be remembering about these last few days together.


Summertime or winter time, make the most of your time.  And when the ones you love are in your day, you will be warm in your heart no matter the temperature.  But if you are in that Florida place, bring your bathing suit in November.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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Just A Hot Mess

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle.  Yes, you probably already guessed that whenever I say the word “hot” that I am referring to myself.  Well, if you guessed that today, you would be wrong today.  Because the only hot mess here is the Deputy.  Deputy Digby Pancake.  It’s hot in the city tonight, y’all.

Now, we are used to the heat.  That Florida place is hot.  Definitely, last week, that Georgia place was real hot.  But it seems like the older we get, although the more good looking we get, the heat seems to take a lot out of us.  Especially the Deputy.  I think he might be losing it and or need a barkarita.

Since we got here to this Charleston, South Carolina place, we have had to move campsites twice and have to again by the end of the week.  Now, moving comes with the RV lifestyle.  After all, your house IS on wheels.  But it can be tiring, and it takes the persons at least three hours to disassemble and reassemble our whole life.  And this makes me tired just watching them in this heat.  But all is well that ends well, so they say.  And again, I have no idea who “they” ever is that always says all of this stuff.  But we have a nice place to park, we have things to see, and many hikes to go on, even in our campground park.  IF the Deputy would cooperate.  And I am not getting much cooperation.

Deputy Digby has decided that when he doesn’t want to do something anymore, he ain’t doing it.  Even under the threat of arrest.  When he doesn’t want to walk a certain way, he tries to escape out of his harness.  Just because.  When he doesn’t like the fact that we move campsites, he tries to go back to our old campsite and walk into that person’s RV.  Just because.  He says that he isn’t picky about what couch he lays his butt on.  And lately, there is no talking to him or reasoning with him.  I am always the picture of reasonableness.  I can explain that as I keep up the persons all night with Deputy Digby trying to fight over my dog bed when there are two dog beds.  So yeah.  Girl Person says our craziness and stubbornness is either due to the heat, or our distinct ages.  I say we are as good as we once was.  I can use that grammar because I am old enough to.

This heat in Charleston, South Carolina has got me to thinking.  If both me and Deputy Digby and the persons are getting crazier as we get older, are we going to be able to ever act normal again?  I think that normal is way overrated and I think we left that back a few states ago, a few years ago.  Seems like everyday we get further away from sanity and closer to crazy.  Google Maps takes us there a lot.  But in all of our hot mess, I decided that I would rather be a hot dog than cold soup.  Because normal is overrated.  We could sit around all day being soup or we keep going.  And if we are crazy together, the mess may get bigger, but it won’t be boring like cold soup.

In my humble opinion which is never as humble as it could be, because it is not, I truly believe our hot mess was there all along.

Life has a way of shaping you into different directions, but many times, it leads you to where you need to be, even if that is not a destination.  Deputy Digby was always a hot mess, he is just hotter now.  I was always hot and I don’t need to go into that.  And our hot mess brought out the persons’ mess.  And it’s a beautiful mess.  If we would have not moved seven years ago and started this blog and called ourselves the 2 Traveling Dogs, what would have happened? What if we could have called ourselves the 2 Sedentary Dogs?  Actually, sometimes that doesn’t sound too bad.


I think just one of the secrets to being happy is loving the mess you are in.  Even if it’s a hot one in the middle of summer in Charleston, South Carolina with your air conditioning trying to quit.

Digby Pancake has a way of teaching us many lessons just by his being Digby Pancake.  And the persons have decided that at this point, if he doesn’t want to do something, he doesn’t have to.  If he doesn’t feel like taking a long walk one day, maybe he will want to the next.  Life isn’t about pushing yourself till you can’t go anymore.  It’s about doing, but enjoying the doing with nothing to prove.

So as we enjoy two weeks here in South Carolina, we say join our mess.  I’m staring at the mess we made.  And it’s a good one.  A real…hot…mess.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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