A Bug For Breakfast

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. I like pancakes. No secret there. In fact, I would not hesitate in saying that there is no substitute for pancakes. Ever. Not even Girl Person’s scrambled eggies. But even I know that you have to have a little variety in life.

So when it’s that day of the week that Girl Person goes to get groceries, she lets Boy Person feed us our breakfast. She made us turkey and crackers ahead of time so that she could get to the store and back before it got too hot in this Florida place. And so she rushed out the door and off she went. Poor Boy Person had no breakfast. And we certainly were not going to share. So he found some cereal. And he wasn’t too unhappy about it. Yet.

We knew Girl Person would be gone a couple hours. And that gave us just enough time for a nap as Boy Person ate his cereal. He was crunching away when he stopped. Crunching.

There it was. A bug. Not a happy bug. Well. Maybe it had been happy one day. But he wasn’t now. No amount of CPR could bring him back. Boy Person whispered…”bug.”

Sometimes, you don’t want to believe what you see. Sometimes, you’re so hungry that a bug is no excuse to stop eating. Sometimes you wanna give it one more try.

And even though Boy Person didn’t find more than one bug, one bug was enough to call breakfast over. It was time to see what Girl Person would bring home for lunch. Hopefully, not bugs.

Poor bug. He must have really liked cereal. And I suppose that’s not such a bad way to go. But something as small as a bug can make you throw out a bag of cereal. Maybe you aren’t sure if there’s more. Maybe you just lose your appetite.

A bug is a bug. And you may think that small things don’t matter. Well, small words, small deeds can often spoil a whole day. Or a whole bag of cereal! But small words and small deeds can make a day better. And that’s how it was when lunch came around.

The only bug I want for breakfast is one that calls to make reservations at my favorite pancake joint.

Deputy Digby Pancake

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