Everyone. Is. Arrested.

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Question. Can someone please turn down the heat? Like, you know. It is my orders. And if you do not, well, You. Are. Arrested.  In fact, I am in a mood today.  Everyone. Is. Arrested.

I cannot control my handsome and hotness, and it seems like this weather has a mind of its own too.

We haven’t been in that Florida place for awhile, so maybe we forgot how hot it can really get. But I have to tell you. The way that the sun hits my brindle fur here is enough to start another solar eclipse.


And I don’t think that anyone can handle that. Especially not Girl Person. Have I ever mentioned how irritable she can get in the heat? If I do mention it, it may make her madder. And no one wants that either, especially not Boy Person. Please. Someone. Turn. Down. The. Heat.  And please.  Can people have some common sense around here?  I am exhausted from all of the arrests this weekend.  What is wrong with everyone?!

Who deserves arresting?  Let me begin.  Let’s start with the people walking on hot pavement with their dogs in 100 plus degree heat in the middle of the day.  Let’s continue with the people who think that the heat doesn’t affect them and then they pass out and get the fire trucks called, backing up traffic for miles and hours.  Let’s keep going with us.  Yeah, even Girl Person who thought we went hiking early enough, but then it got too hot too quick and we had to go right back home to the air conditioning.  Yeah.  So.  Everyone.  Is.  Arrested.

I feel like everyone loses their mind on a long weekend. So the arrests continued at camp.  First of all, we had to move spaces every few days for some reason.  We got stuck next to bad neighbors who constantly walked thru our campsite, yelled language a dog should not hear and it continued day and night.  Finally, Boy Person told them that I did not like people in my space and they needed to be careful, and that is when they started yelling to everyone that a dog in heat was in our campsite and I gotta tell ya folks. All while we were parked next to the bathrooms and had people thru our campsite all night long, then, the raccoons came out and yeah. Deputy Digby started sounding his alarms. And that was it.  I about have had enough of this crazy weekend.  I have had about enough of these crazy people and crazy heat.  And my sentence stands.  And will all day.  Everyone.  Is.  Arrested.

It is no secret that about this time, camping is getting a bit old.  So the persons drove around all weekend looking at old barns, looking at houses falling down, or ones that did fall down.  And everything was too expensive.  They drove around in the heat in a car with no air conditioning or radio and yet, they were happy to do it.  Why?  Because it is time.  It is time we found a place to call home, to get our new lives started.  So they took breaks and went to produce stands and vineyards and mixed in some fun.  By the way, if you like these types of videos below…please let me know.  I need your input as Sheriff.

We have a positive attitude that we know we are going to find something.  Somewhere. We hope.  Soon.  If not, you guessed it.  Everyone.  Is. Arrested.

I need a yard to lay in without crazy campers.  Deputy Digby needs a convenient pancake house.  And the persons need some stability.  We all do.  So on we keep looking!  And after today, guess what?  Our rescue promise will be completed.  We are going to be visiting Soft Paws Animal Rescue in Santa Rosa, California today.  48 states, 48 rescues.  We did it.


We will be talking to them to see all that they do for the animals and people here in Sonoma County.  Then, stay tuned for a video and article coming out at the end of the month.  So.  big things are on the way!  Big changes are coming!  And we are so excited! Are you?  If not…you guessed it.  You.  Are.  Arrested.

P.S. By the way, we know so many are concerned about Deputy Digby Pancake.  We will be making a vet appointment this week.  And we will let you know!!  Thank you for all of your love and concern.

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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I Don’t Cuss Or Vacuum, Hoover Dam.

This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. They say what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Heat happened yesterday in Vegas. So we let it stay there. Las Vegas? You knew it was coming. You. Are. Arrested.  I’m sure it’s not the first time.

As we drove along what they call the Strip, we saw all kinds of buildings made to look like other places in the world.

Now, you may have fooled Deputy Digby into thinking that he was in New York. You may have fooled him into thinking he was in Paris. But for me, I knew that the only place we were in was in the middle of the desert with heat so hot that it would fry a whole plate of pancakes for everyone there. So, the persons decided that although we could have taken some great pictures, which actually, I always take a great picture, that we should drive to where it was cooler. And I hope you are ok with that. Because if not, well, you. Are. Arrested. Deputy Digby was disappointed that he couldn’t use his silver dollar pancakes in the slot machines, but he ate them beforehand anyway.

Another reason that we left the Las Vegas area? I know you will be shocked at this. But not everywhere allows dogs. And as we were getting ready to go to somewhere that they call the Hoover Dam, well, we found out that no dogs were allowed there. You heard me. I could have called it a darn dam, but that would be too close to cussing, and in actuality, I prefer not to go to somewhere that allows cussing. So it is fine with me that we couldn’t go there.

Seems as though the Hoover Dam has two things that I am not fond of. Curse words and vacuums. Although when the vacuum comes out, cursing does sometimes seem appropriate. I figured out that this was the reason why dogs are not allowed there. It is a known fact that dogs don’t like those machines you try to suck up dirt with, which in fact is a waste of time when we make things dirty five seconds afterwards. Then you cuss about that at your vacuum, and we don’t like it. So Hoover Dam? We will leave you to the persons. And Las Vegas? Although I am sure many people have a great time at your hot self, the only room for hotness is when I look at myself in the mirror.


Today, we are trying to figure out how to get away from the dust.  All the vacuums are at the Hoover Dam trying to suck up the curse words, so we aren’t making good headway.  It is not making my fur look its best, and for that Nevada? You are already arrested.  We have had to change campsites due to heat and dust for 3 days straight.  I hear a “straight flush” is a good thing in Vegas.  Well, Digby has the flush covered for sure.  He shouldn’t have ate all of his winnings though.

Oh, and fans? We are planning our Nevada rescue visit for next Monday, so stay tuned! But we won’t be playing poker or vacuuming for the rest of the week.  We are going to search for that desert oasis. Nevada? Don’t make me arrest you again. Guess we are back on the road again.  Stay tuned!

-Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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