Take This Ferry To Alaska, Please

This is Fruitycake The Raccoon. I had another first experience yesterday. I got to ride on something called a ferry. It was crazy. Because I was still in the truck. But we put the truck on the ferry. And then we took a ride. Persons do some funny things to get places.

We went across a river. And we ended up somewhere else. The persons said that taking the ferry was faster than driving. But I wondered if in fact, it was funner than driving.

It was different. It’s something we don’t do every day. And to me, it made me imagine all kinds of things!

Do you find it fun to imagine things? I sure do. It’s what kept me alive and happy when I was a stray. Imagining anything I wanted to made me hopeful. And so yesterday, I hoped we would get off that ferry and be in that Alaska place I’ve heard about.

It would be cool and breezy and maybe I would even see snow for the first time.

We had a whole fifteen minutes on the ferry and it was a fun fifteen minutes for me. Not only was I seeing new things right before my eyes, but I was imagining things in my mind. No one knew but me.

And as I looked at Brickle and the persons being so hot in the summer heat, I felt cool. I felt happy. Life is good in the present. And you can use the present to motivate you to accomplish great things.

Did we get off the ferry in that Alaska place? No. No we didn’t. But somehow I didn’t feel so hot in this Virginia place. Somehow, I felt hopeful for the adventures to come. This place was good too!

If I could have imagined my life would have been this good as a stray, I still could have never imagined how being love feels.

What do you want to take a ferry to? It may be better than you can imagine. Get on that ferry and be who you are meant to be.

Fruitycake The Raccoon

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