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This is Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle. Seasons and time has a way of speeding by. If I could write them a ticket, I would.

Not only does time go by, but sometimes, the people or furkids in a span of time leave.

Do you remember Bob, the Camphost that was so sad he took his own life and left his furkids here at camp?

Yes. I’m sure you remember him. We miss him. But he made sure before he left that they would have a home. But it’s been awhile since we have seen them.

And after all that has happened these last few weeks, I realize more than ever what others mean to me.

In fact, these last few weeks have taken a toll on not only me but a lot of persons who love Digby. And then, we had a knock on the door the other day.

It was a good surprise when we opened it to see some of Bob’s furkids who came by to say hello.

You see, Bob’s furkids are now living with the campground store person. And he takes very good care of them. They get to go to hiking places and the beach and the woods. The campground store person said they miss Bob. But when they come to visit the campground, they don’t act sad. And I wondered why. If they loved Bob so much, wouldn’t they be sad to visit the place where he left them?

As we talked underneath the shade tree at camp, I looked into their eyes. They weren’t looking at their old camping spot now with someone else parked there. Nope. They were enjoying what was good about the day and biting their leashes.

They were listening to the birds. They heard the music in the day. Not the absence of their Bob.

These little furkids had it all figured out. Life wasn’t about ignoring the good memories in the day by letting the unhappy parts drown out the music.

I suppose we needed to hear this from Bob’s furkids. We needed to remember the music. Without music, there’s no light. Without light, we can’t see the good. And there is so much good…even when there is bad. It’s up to us to listen to it.

We all miss Bob, especially his furkids. But we won’t let the end of Bob’s life overshadow the funny when he was around. Or the music that followed him. We can still hear it if we listen. It’s your turn. Find your music today because we have a lot more days to go. And it will be better with some music and some love.

There will be times we have a loss in our lives. And sometimes, we just don’t know if we can make it thru. Sometimes you have to turn that music up louder. Sometimes you have to change the channel. Sometimes you have to face the music. But be like Bob’s kids and hear what you need to hear. The music is playing.

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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