Slow Dancin

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. Can I have this dance? I need to warn you though. It’s going to be a slow one.

I’ve never been one to think about rushing. But I am one to think about dancing. But a fast dance definitely isn’t for me.

Neither is a crazy dance. That’s Girl Person’s department in crazy-town.

And Brickle’s idea of dancing is attacking me on the beach. And that’s not happening anytime soon while I’m recuperating.

it’s actually kind of nice to be able to rest and not have to have an excuse for it. But why do persons think that they need an excuse to rest?

Rest is something we all need in order to be our best. It’s my belief that because I rested so much ahead of time, that was part of why I was able to get better. Slowly but surely is better than fast to nowhere.

When you slow dance, you get to think a little. You get to enjoy a little. And a lot of a little adds up. To a lot. I could not have thought of that if I had been dancing fast.

We might be slow dancing for the next three weeks while we wait to take another ultrasound. I may be on about 20 pills a day. And I may have to go outside every five minutes. But Girl Person said she would slow dance with me forever if that’s what it takes. Because slow dancin is better than no dancin.

Now is the time to brush up on your skills. Can I have this dance?

Deputy Digby Pancake

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