Where In The World Are Those Tomatoes?

We wanted to lighten up the blog today. Digby sees a specialist today and we will keep you updated!

This is Sheriff Brickle. Have you ever looked and looked for something? You just know where you put it. But the put and the it isn’t there.

Many persons have accused Girl Person of being absent minded. Scatterbrained. Clumsy. Well. If the shoe fits, Girl Person lost it anyway.

When you live in an RV though, you would think there would be less opportunities to misplace things. To be clumsy. But Girl Person always finds a way. Nothing is safe from her reach. Except tomatoes, because she can’t find them.

Let me tell you. Girl Person loves tomatoes. She makes tomato soup.

Spaghetti. Tomatoes and mayo sandwiches with salt and pepper. Lasagna. Pizza. Salad. And salsa. She buys a lot of tomatoes. At least a few pounds a week!

You would think that because she buys so many tomatoes she wouldn’t miss a few cherry ones. You would also think she would know where she put them when there aren’t many places to put anything in here. But as she was making burritos and salsa last night, she thought of those tomatoes. It has been a few days since she had seen them. And she still couldn’t see them. Where were they? They were not in their usual place on the counter in the bowl. Nope. She couldn’t make salsa without tomatoes! What would happen?

She looked in our Barbie RV refrigerator. Not there.

She looked in drawers. She looked under her underwear. She looked in the freezer. She looked under the RV. She looked in the car. She looked in Boy Person’s shoes. No tomatoes anywhere.

She decided to stop looking for a minute and think. I was highly concerned about her sanity, wondering if she ever bought these tomatoes in the first place. And then. Then, all of a sudden, she looked on the counter again. In the tomato bowl. And you can guess. There they were. The tomatoes. Right where they were supposed to be. Right where they were an hour before she started looking. Right there. Right there, y’all.

And there. There they were. Girl Person had struck again. I laughed. On the inside. And although I was happy she found her tomatoes, I had to wonder how many cookies of mine she had misplaced over the years. I had to wonder. How many tomatoes were actually necessary in life? And I had to wonder. What else in life was right under our noses that we don’t see?

You see, life may be full of good things. But do we see them? Or are we constantly looking for something else? Are the best things right in front of us?

We may think our lives are busy. And they are. But there’s always time to find out where the tomatoes are. The counter, by the way.

Sheriff Peanut Butter Brickle

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  1. Karen ( Grammy) Hampton

    Yeah, spent half an hour looking for my keys…..in the hand holding my cell phone with the flashlight feature on…..was.my.keys 😱

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