Growing The Farm

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. It’s true. We have to leave the farm soon, at the end of the month.

And as sad as we are about it, we have to leave because the farm closes for a little while. They have a lot of work to do. And so they only invite campers for a few months. But I had an idea.

I’ve always, always, always wanted to find some pancake seeds. It seems like I would have been able to find them by now. But I haven’t. However, I did notice something the other day. All those tomatoes that Girl Person keeps eating have seeds. I love when she’s happy.

And so I thought that maybe a good idea would be to see what we could grow from those seeds, get a little dirt, and take it with us on the road. Who says you can’t take it with you? I’m gonna try.

So yesterday, there was a tomato at the market that no one wanted. Normally, probably the bisons would get it. But I had other plans. Sorry, bisons.

We took the tomato with us and Girl Person said we were going to try and get the seeds out.

That way, the seeds could grow plants which would grow more tomatoes. We picked something called an heirloom tomato.

So we took out the seeds and saved them.

And now they are doing something called fermenting, Girl Person said.

It’s not going to be a fast process to grow the tomatoes. But we are in no hurry.

In fact, the most fun is watching the magic happen.

You never know. One day I might find those pancake seeds I’ve been looking for. But until then, instead of focusing our energy on the sadness of leaving the farm, we will focus our energy on growing appreciation. Appreciation for the wonderful things the farm taught us.

Just like every place we have visited on our travels, we take a piece of it in our hearts. But I’ll take a piece of pizza when we can make our own sauce with these tomatoes.

Growing the farm in the RV will help us focus on what we enjoyed here and how to find that again. Are you missing something like the farm? Do you long for the same feeling you had when you were there?

Right now, our world is different. And we can’t safely do the things we used to yet. So until then, don’t give up. Try to find a way to grow the feelings for your favorite things and places.

We changed our date of departure till May 28th.

We didn’t want to drive when so many will be on the road. And until then, we will grow our tomatoes and try to grow our anticipation for what lies ahead.

Deputy Digby Pancake

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Baby Tomatoes and Purple Potatoes

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. If there’s one thing I know about, and I’m crazy about, it’s food.

If there’s another thing I know about, which would be the second thing I would know about, it’s the food I don’t like. You can put tomatoes on that list. Also, you can put potatoes, except for sweet ones, on that list too.

But for Girl Person, you would have thought she was having the best day of her life this weekend when she found a farmer person at a little table selling baby tomatoes and purple potatoes in little brown bags.

Yes. She had a moment. It was also like she remembered a singer named Patsy Cline lived near here long ago.

And she felt it. She fell to pieces, y’all.

Girl Person said the tomatoes tasted as sweet as candy and that the purple potatoes, well, they tasted like potatoes. Even I know something can be called the same thing and not be the same thing. She said that things just don’t taste like they are supposed to anymore. Persons try to cut corners. They try to make more that don’t taste as good.

I’m not an expert on baby tomatoes and purple potatoes. No. But I’m an expert on knowing happy. And seeing Girl Person enjoy her purchase on a sunshiney, Virginia day was special.

Did she want more when they were gone? She did. She did. But there were no more to be found that weekend. And anyway, we had no way to get there. Nope.

You see, it was a good thing that Girl Person got those baby tomatoes and purple potatoes while she could. Little did we know, we would be stuck for a few days. But there is no complaining where we are stuck at!

In life, there are times when you have to indulge. Because who knows what tomorrow brings or even later the same day?

Life is about little, indulgent pleasures that help us to remember what life should taste like. Take a little time to remember that today. You may have forgotten what makes you happy. It’s easy to do. But keep trying. You’ll remember. You’ll find it.

What will be in your little paper bag? Fill mine with pancakes. What makes you fall to pieces in a good way?

Deputy Digby Pancake

Stay tuned to more adventures in Virginia this entire week, including Shenandoah National Park if the Jeep gets fixed…hopefully today! Stay tuned!

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