We Are Family

This is Deputy Digby Pancake. It’s been a few days since you have heard from me. And I don’t have much strength to talk long today. But there’s just some stuff I want to say.

No one ever said getting older was easy. No one ever said that life is long enough. No one ever said they want to get sick. Many have said they love pancakes. Just sayin.

But the truth is, I don’t feel good. I haven’t been feeling my best for a little while.

I still love being here though. I still love life and traveling and love itself. Love is such a good thing.

And we found out one very good lesson this week. We have made a family. A 2 Traveling Dogs family. And we mean that. Because Girl Person said she’s never, ever seen a community like what we have. I don’t know what a community is. But we have a good one.

Because not only have you been with us on our travels for many years.

But you’ve been with us at home.

You’ve been with us in each one of the 48 states.

And we appreciate every minute of your life you have shared with us too by your comments. Your emails. Your messages. Your phone calls. How did you get my number?

Girl Person says today we will be positive. She says on Friday that we see a specialist person. I hope he specializes in pancakes but I can’t be so sure.

So for now, our dear family, we ask for your good thoughts. Your good vibes.

And Girl Person will update you as she can. We can’t thank you enough. Not one of us knows what tomorrow brings. No one. So enjoy all you can today. All. Live your life like Digby. That’s what I say.

Deputy Digby Pancake

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7 thoughts on “We Are Family

  1. Karen ( Grammy) Hampton

    Sweet Digby Pancake, I have been following you & your family’s adventures & escapades since pretty close to the beginning!!! From Granny Person, to the unexpectedly quick selling of the Yellow orang Grove house, to the time in your relatives house by the water as the Person’s searched fror just the right ‘treat wagon’ to kick off the 48 in 48!! You, Sir are a lived, valued inspiration to so MANY!! From nasty weather, break down ‘no go’ in the BBTW, storms, FIRES!!! Person’s ‘unusual’ injuries, ‘bird napped undies from BP, lost Flip Flops, ‘The Birds’…hurricanes, then back to Florida Place.. house hunting along the way!!! If ANYONE, any FAMILY can overcome adversity, y’all have that inner strength!! We live & adore you….FIGHT, I know you must be tired, love, but you have inner strength & I’m sure, great Docs will give their ‘all’ to get you on the path to feeling better & sticking around for a few more ‘rolls in the good stinkys’. It’s NOT time just yet. Nope!! 💖🐶🙏🏼 ‘ Grammy’ in Michigan 💋

  2. Lynne Smith

    You might not remember me, but I met you and your family at Cachuma Lake on California in Dec 2017. You are in my prayers and wishing you a huge recovery.

  3. Theresa Bates

    Oh, Digby. I fell in love with you and Brickle the first time I stumbled onto your Facebook page and blog several years ago. When you started your Adventure of a Lifetime, I was so excited to take that trip with you. I introduced you to my mom and one of my nieces has joined the Fans group. We all love you and we are very concerned about your health. We pray that the doctors have the wisdom to prescribe exactly what you need to make you better, and to help GP and BP give you the best care. We want to keep you around a few more years, and we want you to feel good while you’re still here.

  4. Patricia Miller

    What a sweet boy you are. I am new to the family but I love you guys already. Go to the docter and do what he says unless it sounds like he dosent know what hrs talking about. We just want our sweet Lil bubba to get better. Sometimes it takes awhile to get better as we get older. But we aRe all rooting for you and the family. Love and hugs baby….

  5. Margie carter

    Hi Digby and everyone. Being sick is scary but you are not alone. Kaito and I and even the cat are sending you love from Nova Scotia. Be good and do what your mom and the doctors say. Wish you a speedy recovery.

    1. Wendy Laveaux

      Bless you all!! I and my fur babies, Lily and Winnie, wish you good health, love and family! Xxxx

  6. Patricia Moller

    Good morning Digby and the rest of our family. I’m sorry that you aren’t feeling 100%. I know that you have a rough time. However, you are Digby and you’ve got this. Make sure you take your medicine and I know it’s difficult but eat some food and drink. Take little steps until you see the specialist. You all know that we love you very much. You said it “We are Family”. We will be with all of you every step of this journey. Lots of hugs and love and kisses too! You are a good boy and we are sending beautiful thoughts, prayers and love to you. 🐾❤️

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